Bringing the game items to real world

What if a person gets to bring the gaming items from the game world to real world? What if the mana potions and the health potions that are almost a currency in game world could be brought to the real world? What if he can bring the guns and weapons? What more can he bring? Pokemon? Greatest weapons of all time? Star-ships? Follow a guy who gets the cheat and pushes world into a new era Warning : Don't expect the MC to be all knowing, all powerful from the get go and is a genocidal maniac. The MC will be more realistic. English isn't my first language so I don't have a plethora of vocabularies in my head. So please cut me some slack. Hope you will like the story Join the discord server at discord.gg/ankAtNwyaz

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Bugs as mecha? Could you not find another kind of vehicle

The air hostess seemed impressed by Robin. No matter what Robin belonged to a developing country and though India had its share of billionaires with two people belonging to the top 10 billionaires of the world but it still couldn't be denied that it was tiny in comparison to the population of the country.

Of course Robin was not interested in the thoughts of these women and was actually looking at the television that was attached to the side of the plane because an interesting piece of news was being shown.

"Few drug super cartels have been recently busted in Italy and few of the most wanted 'drugpins' of the world have been arrested today. This has been a huge crackdown by the Guradia Civil, Carabinieri, InterPol and Nationale Politie as they have joined hands and came together to bust these so called 'supercartels'. The police are proclaiming that this bust has more significance than the arrest of El Chapo...."

Robin had a smile on his face when he saw the news. Sigret and JARVIS had been slowly weaving the threads to close down on drug trafficking. Robin was surprised that a super cartel was busted in Italy. According to the stereotypes, it should have been in Eastern Europe.

It seemed like the world was mocking him with the stereotypes.

"...Nice job in Italy...." Robin sent Sigret a message from his mobile.

"....Some rats escaped and sadly the powerful ones are still on the run. We expected that but these rats are smart. They are avoiding everything that is connected to the network so it's harder to find them. I gave the tip that there was tunnel underneath their warehouse and these idiots still let them escape....."

"...Do they have a mole?...."

".....Of course no. I am not dumb enough to let a mole inside the raiding party. It just happened. Negligence and in-efficient police and nothing more....."

"...Don't be so harsh on them. They are human after all..."

"... It's lucky that they belong to the same species as you or else I would have fired the entire team and hired some good ones..."

Robin didn't bother to reply to her and just continued watching the television while the lunch was served. The news spoke in detail of how the police got the information from tips and thus they raided the cartels that had been hiding for a long time.

It was a major operation and thus it received all the headlines from the major media houses of both Europe and America. It seemed even some of the politicians and bureaucrats were also named in this bust and the police claimed to have sufficient evidence to keep these drugpins behind bars for eternity and they even claimed that some of these might be even hanged if they were tried in countries where capital punishment.

Of course, some of these men were powerful and they might escape but they could never escape forever. Robin had already made a bid to bury these people forever.

After a long flight, the jet finally landed in Amsterdam and Robin got off the plane. Though the jet had all the luxuries and facilities, Robin would still prefer TARDIS. That thing had enough space in the master bedroom to play table tennis beside the bed!

Of course, Myrene came to pick him up. After a half hour drive he was back at his cosy home.

"Welcome back." Sigret was standing in the doorway looking at him with eagle eyes.

"Yeah, how is North Korea working?"

"Will survive for months even if you don't go there. The farms have started operating but since this isn't a game world where everything is sped up, the farms are still empty and just accepted their first consignment of cattle for feeding the population. In the end they will still need your supply."

"Well that was expected. How about the busting of drugs. JARVIS and you seemed to have time for this too."

"JARVIS is the primary one who was in charge of the operation. I just gave consent to it."


"Yes sir, Europe had been a major market for the cartels. The next major markets are in Africa and the continent of America. These drugpins in Africa have diversified a lot. They are poachers, sex traffickers, child kidnappers, organ harvesters, killings… everything."

``So basically a terrorist organization?"

"Yes Sir."

"We will need manpower to handle them since they are spread all over different countries in Africa. You can use the Novus forces if you want."

"No, Novus is my trump card. I have another game in mind that I can use." Robin replied. Using robots deep in an enemy's territory would always be a risk and it was better to use actual humans for this purpose. Not that he doubted the robots or their loyalty but if by chance these machines fell in the hands of enemies, it would be quite tricky for him.

Though he had enough power and technology to take over Earth, that didn't mean that he would be arrogant and look down on the people of Earth. Humans have always shown resilience in the toughest times so it was better he was careful in his plans.

"You are just back. Take a rest. We can discuss this later." Myrene came with food. It was already night so it was better to just sleep and continue what he had thought of the next day.

Thursday, 16th February

Robin was back in DPRK but not in Arks or fat man's home but in a very remote location in western part of the country. This part was very remote and had a stretch of mountains that was still filled with snow. JARVIS had already found a specific valley for Robin's next project.

When Robin opened the door of TARDIS and stepped out, he was greeted with barren land rugged with steep rocks and sinking cliffs. It looked dangerous but beautiful at the same time. The mountains rose high and straight towards the clouds. The scenery was dangerous but was beautiful in its own way.

There was almost no vegetation but life still thrived as he could easily see some eagles, snow hares, goats and other creatures on these mountains and the singular valley that was just below the mountains. The valley didn't have anything to offer to humanity for people to settle here. No water source, way deep in the mountains and too harsh of weather for others to consider this as their base to construct a town.

Robin could see all this because when he stepped out he was already in Blue Beetle armor. With him Sigret and Myrene too stepped out. Myrene was in her white Storm Javelin armor as she knew that flight was probably necessary.

And she wasn't wrong. Robin after taking in the sights of the valley flew down to the valley and landed on a leveled place.

"This place would do."

"It should be fine." Sigret said.

Robin took out his laptop and opened a game. A game that would allow him to have his own personal army. After conducting the experiments with Ark he understood one concept. RTS games could provide him with live humans too.

This discovery had just opened a path for many games which he didn't think of before. And this time Robin was going for another RTS game.

Command and Conquer : Tiberium Wars.

This game could probably be called as the game that killed the franchise of CnC but this could never be denied that the game had insane technology. Maybe not at the level of space games but for earth standards this game could easily help Robin take over Earth.

And another important reason that Robin went for this game instead of other RTS games was because this game had both stealth and humans. There were other games that had stealth technology but almost none of them had humans in it. Robin wanted humans in his next venture and this game could provide this easily.

Robin opened the game and brought out an MCV (mobile construction unit). Most of the RTS games required bases to be built and for that they needed a base. The bases in Command and Conquer came in the form of moving vehicles which allowed Robin to just pick them up from games instead of destroying bases in other RTS games.

There were three factions in the Tiberium Wars. Brotherhood of Nod, GDI and the aliens. The Brotherhood of Nod and GDI were the human factions. On any sunny day, Robin would have chosen the GDI as his army but since he needed stealth items he went for the Brotherhood. Only that faction had insane stealth technology.

This faction was too radical and he didn't like the units that the faction provided but then again it's the technology that matters. Robin pulled the MCV from the Brotherhood faction and placed it on the ground.

It got bigger in a few seconds and soon turned into a 4 legged mecha that seemed to be made after the body structure of 4 legged bugs that were found everywhere. This mecha was huge and was almost 20 feet in height.


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