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Bow Before Me


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" How sad, the path he chose is the right one, however, it's the crueler one" Kaito has lived until he was 27. A pitiful life indeed. How many times he been betrayed, he lost count. All he wants is to find his sister. And finding her means getting stronger and under covering more secrets. But now the system arrives. People can level up and grow stronger? There are monsters and demons now? What's going on with the world? What? If he wants to find his sister he has to be the strongest player? Kaito has a second chance at life. When the God of Revenge gives him a second chance to find his sister, Kaito takes it eagerly. He swore to get back at everyone in this life. Where does he start? Who is his father? And why is his mother always gone? And why did his sister get kidnapped?


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