1 BSWS CH-1 Accepting the Reincarnation

In a normal ninja village household, a certain housewife was cooking food for her family in a hurry. At the same time, her husband used weak fire jutsu to warm up the water for their daughter's bath.

"Hey you Lazybones, Wake up before I come up there to wake you up myself!!!" the housewife shouted for her daughter, who was sleeping in her given room upstairs.

In the girl's room upstairs, the young teen girl got out from her bed sleepily. She walked up to the long mirror in the corner of her room and watched her young girl figure scantily clad in night clothes.

She looked at her messy long pink hair and sleepy green eyes in the mirror. After seeing her reflection for a few seconds she let out a sigh.

'As expected, even after a week I am still here in her body. I guess there is no going back from this.' she thought.

Her thoughts turned back to events of a week ago. A week ago she, or more accurately, he had found himself reincarnated to this body. He didn't remember much from his previous life, except a certain anime he used to watch called Naruto.

When he reincarnated, he found himself in the body of one the character from the anime, Sakura Haruno. As the memories of this body merged with him, he guessed the reason why he got reincarnated to this body.

Apparently, the illogical diet Sakura had put herself on turned out to be more harmful than she realized. As she did ninja training for her final Genin exam, the immense chakra drain coupled with a weak body had led her to have fatal energy exhaustion.

As a result, she fainted in her room and was dying, but right at that moment his soul had reincarnated and merged with hers. So currently his consciousness had merged with hers and he had become the new Sakura.

Now this had presented its own set of challenges. Sakura was a hardcore fan girl while he himself was disgusted by the idea of swooning over some over-entitled kid. Moreover, as a normal guy with normal sexual preferences, he was attracted to girls.

So now, the new merged personality of Sakura displayed characteristics from both of them, making her be attracted to both girls and boys. Which created great conflict in his heart whenever he thought about it.

But he decided to overcome his initial revulsion and try to accept his new identity as a woman. 'He' would now become a 'she'.

However, this conflict was amongst the least of her worries. Sakura was one of the weakest characters for majority of the anime. It was only after suffering through a lot that she finally got enough motivation to change herself. Before that her survival was entirely based on plot armor.

Remembering her original timeline's horrible Genin performance, the currently reformed Sakura shuddered. She had been spending this past week lazing about because she didn't want to accept her reincarnation as Sakura. But now that she realized that she was not going to revert back, she would make sure that she changes her predecessor's fate entirely.

[Host's Soul Merging finally completed due to acceptance of her new identity.]

[System upgradation completed.]

[Welcome to the Ultimate Training System.]

Oh ya, she had forgotten to mention, she had a system.


Sakura dressed up and prepared to go to class. Only a month was left before the Genin assessment. Thanks to her predecessor, she was beyond capable in all ninja theory subjects and the three basic academy jutsu.

But, with her future knowledge, Sakura was now also aware of her short comings. Hence she decided to correct as many of them as possible in the month she had.

First of all, with her knowledge of the other modern world, she asked her mother to make a certain balanced diet. This would allow her body to build up strength quickly. She also decided an exercise regimen for building up her physical fitness and improving her chakra control even further.

For increasing her power as a ninja at current time, she could not rely on Taijutsu. Taijutsu needed time, and hence it will be one of her long term goals once she improves her physique. Similarly, Ninjutsu was also not something she could learn immediately, partly due to her low chakra reserves and partly due to her untrained elemental affinities.

Sakura always had great affinity for Healing techniques and Yin-Yang affinities in the series. As such, Sakura decided to turn her eyes to Genjutsu, as that was her fastest route to power currently, owing to her great chakra control talent. As she remembered, even the original Sakura had some Genjutsu talent.

As she was already over qualified for the Genin Test, she could actually take leave for self study. However, the original Sakura would still go everyday, only to see that emo-kid Sasuke. But now that she had a second chance, Sakura would live her life differently.

Deciding to self study Genjutsu for the rest of the month, Sakura went to the Academy's library. This was a smaller version of the true Ninja Library available for Genin rank and above. This housed E and D ranked techniques at most along with a lot of theory books.

As she went in, the librarian asked for her identity card. After confirming Sakura's identity, the Librarian asked for her requirements.

"Please provide me with Books related to Chakra Theory, Basic Genjutsu, Basic Academy Jutsus and Basic Physical Training." Sakura asked the Librarian.

After the Librarian issued the necessary books to her, Sakura packed them in her bag and returned home. She decided to train at her home for this month. She began with Basic Chakra Theory and Basic Genjutsu. To speed things up a bit, she decided to use her System.

"UTS (Ultimate Training System), scan Basic Chakra Theory and Basic Genjutsu books and simulate the perfect training methodology for them." Sakura said.

[Task Accepted. Commencing …. ]

[Basic Genjutsu training method simulated. Three Basic Genjutsu Techniques prepared: Chameleon Hiding, Leaves in the Wind, Sakura Blossom Petal Storm]

[Basic Chakra Theory training method simulated. Chakra Training Method prepared: Silent Meditation, Chakra Circulation, Leaf Sticking Exercise.]

[Mental guidance for the training methods prepared. Can be activated with a command. Start guidance? Yes/No]

'Alright lets do this. Yes!' Sakura thought and her one month training camp began.

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