6 Chapter 6

A spherical shadow that size of a fist was born in front and its inky substances began to worm out distinct shapes from the chaotic ripples at its center.

It branched out to form one head, limbs, and other particulars until it finally created a grand figure of a doomed soul. It was of course a man as it naturally mimicked the image of its host.

But other than the sex, nothing was ever the same. The creature had a dark crown over its head, eyeballs made of pure fire, and a bony staff in hand.

Even its skin resembled a dried husk of what was once healthy and human. Over its tall intimidating body was a set of azure armors made out of bones it seems.

To add to the perfect effect of a true being birthed out from death, a long cape the same colors as its armors also draped from the man's shoulders.

Perhaps the eeriest thing about this Blood Twin was the aura around him that undulated and formed misshapen faces of men, women, and myriad of fantastical creatures.

These were akin to chained souls that this Necromancer's clone may have possibly slaughtered in the past. Clark could only sigh in silent appreciation at the wonderful imagery his first summon has presented him with.

He alone knew well enough of how truly weak this Bone King was.

Blood Twin

Power: .50

Special Ability: can exchange position with the host at a thought's command.

"A good life saving ability but the Blood Twin's power seems to be so low at the moment." Clark moaned in disappointment but his facial expression failed him.

What masked his countenance this time was a vivid picture of extreme excitement. It was the adrenaline rush in gaming that he was so used to.

Every breath he took, there was a thrum in his veins to play more, to immerse himself deeper into the mysterious, undiscovered new world. The pull of the unknown was too strong in Clark tonight.

This was a very familiar feeling of addiction that he feel oh so in love with in the past. And all his passion for gaming has now been rekindled in the present.

"Can you talk?" Clark asked towards his Blood Twin. The answer to this would prove beneficial to his ensuing plans after all.

If his summons was sentient or seemingly so like his system Nancy, then it would prove wise to know beforehand.

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What if this dangerous looking majestic skeleton was an Immortal himself or could mindfuck those captured souls around him for knowledge and/or hidden wealth, surely that would be worth a treasure trove or more.

One should know that information remained forever vital in any campaign.

Even an Immortal Emperor would die if an enemy knew his strengths and weaknesses. In the end, no one is ever infallible in the beautiful chaos of this world's randomness.

"......." and there goes the Blood Twin's reply.

"FUCK!" Clark shook his head.

"Well, not like i expected much from it. Hmmm... If that's the case then i could send it and the rest of my upcoming summons soon in clear conscience." Clark would have no guilt if his summons die for him.

"Go and hunt me some ants." the Blood Twin nodded once and his form dissipated in the wind.

"Heh... it was always the poor innocent ants that get the axe in most of the system novels i read. I just hope i would get the same bounty as those lucky protagonists."

Clark laid down on the bed in satisfaction with his cheat. His back ached and he guessed that perhaps the normal strength of a human in this world was approximately at 1 point.

"Yet i only have a pitiful .50 point right now. This might be because of my old body. Nothing i can do about it."

"SIGH!" Clark mused for five breaths before the thing he had expected to hear happened.


Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!

Eleven beeps in one go.

"WTF! Ants only give .01 experience! Well, SHIT!"

"But it's okay. I only need to kill a hundred ants and i'll gain 1 xp. Patience, Clark. The game has only just began." The young boy in an old grandfather's body nursed his optimism back up.

"Map Function has been unlocked."

"Experience Bar has been unlocked."

"Congratulations, host. The world is finally opening its doors upon your advent.

May this realm tremble at the might of your magic and honor your name for ages beyond counting! Please visit the system menu for further details." the excited voice of Nancy echoed in the ears of Clark.

"Hmmm... thank you Nancy." Clark chuckled. Indeed, it would be a lie to say that he was not pleased with this achievement. It was an evolution of sorts and not a small one at that.

"Open System Interface." he commanded using only his thoughts.

Host: Clark Colter

Experience: 1/100

Level: None

Class: None

System Shop

Shop Points: None

"That was fast." Clark smiled. Only a few seconds had elapsed yet he has now 1 exp in the bag.

9,900 hapless ants more to kill and he would have his first point to spend in the Necromancer's skill tree and of course gain 1 level.

"So easy and i don't even have to move a muscle." Clark's smile grew even wider. Fully congratulating himself for choosing the best class given the sorry situation he had.

"Blood Twin has killed an ant... host has gained .01 xp!" He basked some more on his revelry as the system notifications kept on ringing.

In time, he busied himself with getting acquainted with the precious commodities in the System Shop once more.

"So many good things indeed!" Clark could not help but lick his lips in anticipation. There was the usual Health Potion and Mana Potion, Legendary and Mythical Equipment, and a whole lot of unimaginable treasures.

Unfortunately, Clark realized that he was far too poor to afford even the cheapest one of the shop's contents. He did not even have 1 shop point to brag at the moment.

"How do i get shop points, Nancy?" Clark asked.

"The system shop needs energy, host. Just as you need to steal a life in order to level up and get stronger, so does the shop requires the same sacrifice. After all, you can't create something from nothing in this world.

Not even the system can do that for you." Nancy explained in length.

"Do i have to kill again to get these shop points?"

"Negative, host. The System Shop's requirements is much more particular than that. It needs a pure source of energy. This world has a thing called Spirit Stones.

You can use that thing as currency to exchange as shop points, host."

"An equivalent exchange, i hope?" Clark did not like the word exchange at all.

"I'm sorry, host. The system can accept a trade of 10 spirit stones for a single shop point."

"DAMN! I knew it!" Clark cursed inside.

"Can you give me a loan, Nancy? Like a million shop points payable in 3 years or so, bearing only 2% interest per annum?" Clark decided to take a chance.

Not like the previous games where the rules were strict and monotonous, living inside a fantasy world was different from that.

It was ever changing and pretty much dynamic. His dialogues with his very own system was testament to that. He dared not even consider Nancy a mere A.I. since that would be very unwise indeed.

And also, these spirit stones were precious. In fact, Lu Chen hasn't even owned a single spirit stone in his hundred years of life. Only those who could cultivate can earn and use them.

"Negative, host. The god who created me has installed limits on my freedom. The host would have also abide in them, same as the system does." Nancy said in a crestfallen voice.


"Then so be it." Clark closed the system shop in dismay. While looking at the heavens may be bliss but staying on that spot and continue on day dreaming was a fool's error indeed.

It was always better to be proactive.

"Open Map." he murmured.

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