10 Chapter 10

"What a beautiful morning." Clark moaned in satisfaction after the rays of the sun warmed his body and soul. He had already passed the gates of the Pleasure House and has now exited the rather special establishment.

After the drastic change of appearance, even the beautiful concierge was not able to notice the newly emerged Lu Chen in their midst. The old Lu Chen and the Lu Chen of today was akin to heaven and earth in difference.

Thus, with a spring on his steps, Clark accepted Lu Chen's identity as his.

"How may i help you, Master?" an old bowed man greeted Clark with utmost respect.

The recent transmigrator has only needed to walk less than 7 minutes before a dilapidated courtyard assailed his senses in sudden melancholy. This has been Lu Chen's home for 100 years.

Gone were the busy servants and noisy echoes of activity in the place. What was left was only the decaying 2 story complex buildings that has brought not a few pleasant and sad memories unto Clark's soul.

"Master?" the old man called in a soft voice.

"I'm sorry, I spaced out." Clark refocused once more and looked at the old man. He hesitated for a second or two before finally acting on his predetermined plans.

"Don't you recognize me anymore, Lai Peng? That's sad. Would that mean that our decades of friendship was nothing but mere waste at all?" Clark asked but there was a bright almost teasing smile on his face.

"Master Lu Chen?" Old Peng could not believe his muddled eyes. He had served Lu Chen for 81 long years already.

It could be said that Old Peng knew every nooks and cranny of Lu Chen's personality yet when faced with a change as spectacular as this one, the old man's sense of propriety was almost forgotten.

He wanted to touch Lu Chen to make sure that he was indeed real and not a ghost of his poor old master instead.

"Is that really you, Master Lu? But how..."

"It is I, Lai Peng. I've become a cultivator. FINALLY!" Clark laughed as he tapped a gentle hand on Old Peng's shoulder.

"This old servant is happy for you, Master Lu." Old Peng held Clark's arms for support. Though both were actually at the same age but their bodies couldn't have been more different from each other.

The old Lu Chen before still stood with dignity and grace but this Old Peng was already bowed with age and weariness.

The faithful servant took care of Lu Chen's daily needs and toiled with no complaints in the years of his service. This was the fate of a slave and Old Peng was certainly not alone in this plight.

'The weak are used and exploited, the strong commands and dictates.'

This has ever been the law in this world where cultivators thrived and plundered.

"Pack up, Lai Peng. We're moving."

"Where are we going, Master?"

"We're gonna get an upgrade, Lai Peng." Clark replied with a wide grin on his handsome face.

"Upgrade?" Old Peng murmured the word and though he was not entirely sure what it meant but since his master Lu Chen has ordered, thus he shall obey.

30 minutes later and an ancient carriage as old as Lai Peng wound up trekking down the busy lanes of the city. Nexus was a mortal city that nurtured at least a hundred million people.

Lu Chen, being an ordinary Elder of the Lu Family, was relegated on the far edges of the metropolis. The wealthy even termed these suburbs as slums where the poorest of the poor was packed like a family of cats.

Alas, this was entirely not far from the truth as those places indeed demanded lower cost and subpar amenities compared to the heart of the city.

Along the way, Clark wasted no time and got acquainted with the power levels of this world.

"Am i already at the 7th stage of the Mortal Shedding Realm, Nancy?"

"Affirmative, host."

"Would anyone notice your presence inside my body?" Clark continued to inquire.

"Nigh impossible, host. Unless of course the one that's making the pry is a god or a deity then you won't be able to hide no matter how much you try."

"And why is that, Nancy?" Clark was interested in this topic.

"The levels between cultivators of this world and the real superpowers that can create universes and realms with just a single thought is absolute. It cannot be easily bridged by any strength or will alone."

Nancy further explained and in consequence invited the curiosity of a wanton adventurous gamer.

"You're telling me that even if i reach the pinnacle of power in this world, that accomplishment alone is not enough for me to contend with the real monsters above and beyond us mere mortals? Why is that so?"

"To be a god or a deity needs a particular requirement, host." Nancy started.

"They need to be born unto noble Houses and Immortal Lineages in order to have a chance to achieve godhood. Like for example in your case, can a mortal ascend to be a god in one leap?

That's a dream better left for fools and drunkards, host.

A frog that matures in power and strength can only remain as a powerful frog in the end. It's a different level of life altogether when one's origin is from the line of gods and deities." Nancy answered.

"I see." Clark nodded in understanding. He rubbed his long beard unconsciously. A habit he assimilated from the recently departed Lu Chen.

'Hmmm... Gods and Deities, huh? That must be the max level if this was a game in my world.'

'Well, no sense thinking about something that far off.' Clark concluded with these thoughts before he issued another command at his very good assistant.

"Show me the cultivation stages of this world and their benefits, Nancy."

"As you wish, host."

Cultivation Stages:

1. Mortal Shedding Realm - 200 years longevity – Average Power 100

2. Foundation Establishment Realm – 500 years longevity – Average Power 1000

3. Golden Core – 1,000 years longevity – Average Power 5,000

4. Aspirant – 2,000 years longevity – Average Power 10,000

5. World Traveler – 5,000 – Average Power 100,000

6. Void Seeker – 10,000 – Average Power 500,000

7. Overlord – 100,000 – Average Power 1,000,000

8. Saint – 500,000 – Average Power 5,000,000

9. Earth Immortal – 1,000,000 – Average Power 10,000,000

10. True Immortal – Infinite Life – Average Power 1,000,000,000

'A Mortal Shedding Cultivator is granted 200 years of life. So that's why i returned to my middle age years. Hmmm...'

'Perhaps when i arrive at the Foundation Establishment Realm, I'd also be able to look like my usual 18 year old self. Heh... Only good days are ahead.'

Clark smiled abundantly as he realized how easy it was for him to level up at this point. He would have no doubt stayed like that if not for the unexpected circumstance that happened next.

"MAKE WAY!" a huge roar broke the uneventful morning hour.

"FUCK ME! Have i not only transmigrated in a cultivation world but also took the cursed stigma of being a protagonist in one?!"

Clark moaned in trepidation because he was only too familiar with how those novels were. It was like a hell hole for the mc to be in and a fate that Clark would rather not have at all.

"Why can't i be a peaceful loving NPC instead?!" he wanted to cry but has no tears to show for his lament.

Three luxurious looking carriages was speeding up in front. Two of these archaic looking vehicles led the way while the third which looked the most expensive among these lot of cars followed closely behind.

What carried these private means of transport was unlike the normal ones around.

While Clark's carriage was pulled by 2 ordinary horses, the one opposite his sojourn was dragged by a pair of ferocious looking magical beasts.

These wild animals were domesticated since young and would prove to be pretty useful beasts of burden.

Not only would it showcase their lofty status, these magical beasts most definitely could also serve as able guardians under the command of their masters.

"MAKE WAY OR DIE!" the same booming voice commanded and this time around, an unmistakable bubble of mirth sprang from this person's lungs.

"Another hapless victim of the Yan family." an old man sighed on the road.

"If the occupant on that carriage is powerful and rich then this situation would never happen. Both party would go on their way after exchanging some polite greetings. End of the story."

"Unfortunately, the opposite person seems to be from a lowly Family."

"A pity." the audience conversed as they awaited to witness another tragedy in the making.

"MASTER LU! JUMP!" Old Peng shouted while keeping close to the right lanes on the road. With how wide the pathways were, a column of five chariots could line up neatly and would have ample space for maneuver.

Still, since this was a world where power abounded, it was usual to see its misuse on a daily basis.

"Can't help it. It seems this is the price i must pay for that god's gift." Clark sighed and swiftly exited.

"HAHAHA! You peons dare to ride opposite the Yan Family's brethren! It seems that my Family's prestige need to be raised once more!"

"You shall be a good example for today's demonstration!" a big ugly man thought wickedly amidst his violent charge.

"GRRRRRR!" the magical beasts growled in anticipation for another quick meal in the journey. These animals were horrible to look at. Pretty much like their owner at the moment.

They took the image of dogs but a dozen times bigger than the normal breed. More like overgrown pandas in fact.

"YOU'RE FINISHED!" The big ugly man grinned widely after only five meters separated him from the scared horses and its pitiful occupants. Alas, it was at this moment that our timely protagonist made his entrance.

"BANG!" a mini crater appeared from out of nowhere. Rocks and pebbles flew as rain, violating the laws of gravity for a moment, only to fall once more to the earth that birthed it.

Other than that, glittering pieces of jewelry scattered on the ground like land mines made out of gold. These boys from the Yan Family were on the process of delivering these precious resources to a shop nearby.

You have killed a Furious Mutt... host has gained 2 xp!

You have killed a Furious Mutt... host has gained 2 xp!

Clark heard the normal notifications.

"Who the hell are you? You dare offend the great Yan Family of Nexus City! You are looking for death!" this was of course the same big ugly man who just ate dust upon his crushing somersault on the air.

Any normal mortal would have long been devastated by broken bones, serious injuries and even death but only a broken nose and a minor gash on his left eyebrow was shown as consequence after the fact.

It could be judged from this alone on how sturdy people were on this world.

The world essence around blessed not only gifted these people with hard strong body but also granted them longevity above and beyond the dwellers of other realms in existence.

Even Lu Chen before his drug overdose with the ecstasy pill was as healthy as a horse even in his ripe old age of 100.

The resident mortals of this world could even reach 150 years old before the kiss of the Reaper would in time take them away to find rest.

Alas, same in every world, not everyone was lucky enough to get to that senior age.

"Now I'm really convinced that I've entered the same stupid novel trashes that i was so fond of reading in the past." Clark sighed when the dust settled.

In front of absolute strength, the big ugly man did not cower but instead took a pose of righteous indignation. He went even further than that and bragged his proud backer instead of apologizing.

If Clark had any misgivings before, this one at least convinced him of his earlier conjectures. But since hope springs eternal, it was not a fault to try again so Clark did just that.

"I've slaughtered your beast of burden without even breaking a sweat, aren't you afraid that i'll do the same thing to you just as easily?" Clark asked the big ugly looking man.

"HAHAHA! And you take great pride in that little accomplishment?" the man of the Yan Family laughed as if he was looking at a fool.

"We have many Seniors in the family that could replicate what you just did as easy as drinking water and wine!" Clark's countenance changed for the worse at this time.

How could this big ugly man not notice the object of his ire's transformation.

"What?! Are you regretting your decision to offend the Yan Family right now?"

"You should just have let my dogs eat you and your horses!"

"And add your servant to the list also!" the big ugly man did not forgive the trembling Old Peng who cowered in fear on the side.

"Scan the city, Nancy." Clark commanded in haste.

"Yes, host. What am i looking for?"

"Who's the most powerful man inside the city right now." Clark went direct to the point.

"FUCK ME! If i had known that i'd live a life of a sorry mc who gets targeted left and right by arrogant antagonists in which they sprout like mushrooms everywhere,

i would have asked Nancy about this important information earlier." Clark clench his teeth in annoyance.

He expected that he could live a life with seemingly logical smart people like the rest of Lu Chen's 100 year of life but Clark had been dead wrong in his initial assumption.

"What changed?" he asked himself.

"My transmigration?" and answered tentatively after the second beat.


"You are the strongest cultivator in the city, host." Nancy announced.

"Wait... what?!" Clark's eyes widened in unbelief.

"The list of cultivators and their numbers are as follows:

level 6 cultivator - 1

level 5 cultivators - 13

level 4 cultivators - 47

level 3 cultivators - 184

level 2 cultivators - 592

level 1 cultivators – 6,816

In a city that houses more than 100 million people, this was an extremely small number of successful travelers in the ways of the dao.

"Damn, it's no wonder Lu Chen wasn't able to cultivate also in the past."

"The selection is pretty demanding indeed." Clark shook his head upon arriving on this conclusion.

"What are you shaking your head for? Are you now ready to accept your punishment?"


"I can forgive you and not let you die but you have to cut your arms and legs and kowtow to your owner, Yan Ju!"

"How about it?!" the big ugly man named Yan Ju opened his terms.

"Don't waste anymore time, Yan Ju. Our boss won't like this at all." the driver of the second carriage interrupted for the first time.

The man looked at their expensive products that was now wasted on the dusty grounds. Some of the jewelries were even thrown on the feet of the masses yet no one dared to covet these things.

The people around had long fled to a viewing distance, away from the cause of massacre and unexpected implications.

"I beg to differ, Yan Tao. I think the boss is enjoying his ride at the moment and he's too far in heaven to care about a little talk with my friend here."

Yan Ju looked at the third carriage behind and gentle rocking motions could be perceived on its pristine surfaces if one paid enough attention to details.

"The lucky fucker!" Yan Ju cursed as he envied the life that his cousin has. If not for that little twat to be born from an influential Elder in the Yan Family then he would not be even worthy to stand alongside Yan Ju at all.

He would be left in the servant's quarters and work his life from morning till midnight if he had been a tad misfortunate.

"Just don't waste anymore time, Yan Ju." Yan Tao leaned back and took a quick peek at the only person who has said nothing from the start to finish.

This person was not a big man at all but he held an unnerving quietness in his calm posture. He sat at the helm of their boss' carriage and took the scene with an eerie look of disinterest.

As if he was looking not at the world of the living but only at insignificant dead men walking in his field of vision.

Yan Tao shivered suddenly when those cold eyes gazed exactly at his own.

"What a scary old man!" Yan Tao dropped his head in alarm.

"Don't worry, Yan Tao", Yan Ju said as he gazed at his victim.

"This will be over in a minute."

"What are you waiting for? Do you want me to do the cutting or will you first say your farewell to your limbs before you do the deed yourself?"

"Huh? I'm sorry i didn't hear you. I was preoccupied with something else. What did you say again?" Clark at this time was rather busy looking at his hands.

Although he had only thrown two punches earlier but that was enough to obliterate the two magical beasts into smithereens. Those magical beasts were called Furious Mutts and was only level 1 monsters.

Against Clark that was now at level 7, there was nothing shocking about this battle result at all. There was no blood on his clothes save the two crimson mess that now painted his fists in disgusting gore.

Maybe it was how ugly those animals looked or perhaps Clark was still battle shocked at the moment because he felt no guilt whatsoever from turning those large bodies of life into a meat patty.

But this was the first time that Clark and Lu Chen combined has ever killed another living thing in their 119 years of existence.

Of course they killed ants and mosquitoes but that certainly did not matter in the grand scheme of creation. This time though it was different.

"I feel surprisingly... nothing?" his thought wandered for a few precious breaths before a grating voice woke him up from his soul search.

"I said that it's high time for you to die!" Yan Ju frowned. He was being ignored over and over again and he did not like that at all. He approached the middle aged man and put a hand on his favorite tool for murder.

A short sword for death!

"KA CHING!" a sharp sound reverberated menacingly in the open field.

"That man is dead!"

"Sigh! Such a handsome and mature man, his soon to be widow must be beautiful."

"The Yan Family is so overbearing." The people around whispered as they spied helplessly on the sidelines.

"No police. Not even some good samaritan in sight to help me."

"How cruel is a world without laws..." Clark sighed as he suddenly missed home. His father, mother, and siblings were there with him. But right now, it felt like nobody cared at all.

He was all alone in this alien world. This fact alone turned Clark's blood cold in an instant.

"Time for me to act." Clark decided and met the Yan Ju halfway.

"Be careful, Master Lu!" Old Peng prayed behind even as he sat there trembling and fearful on the coach box.

"Just stay there, Lai Peng. This won't take long." Clark replied without looking back.

"I believe in you, Master Lu!" Old Peng claimed in his heart but he could not take that much excitement at all so closed his eyes and waited for the outcome.




Exactly three breaths later and a ripple of surprise rang like waves in the audience that gathered in the place.

"Let's go, Lai Peng." Old Peng heard the unperturbed words of his master.

"What about them, Master?" Old Peng opened his eyes and found out quickly that three men was now kissing the ground and moved not an inch.

"Are they dead?" Old Peng shook but left this question unspoken instead.

"I'm just a lowly servant. No matter what happens, as long as Master Lu is alive, everything will be fine." Old Peng concluded and took the horse reigns to urge his obedient pets into motion.

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