16 Chapter 16: Overwhelming Strength

Soon, all the members of Team Z gathered at their football field.

Almost everyone agreed with Kira Ryosuke's proposal.

With only two hours left until the match, although this process might consume time and energy, everyone understood that if positions and tactics couldn't be determined, the whole team would become fragmented.

First and foremost, they had to ensure the team's victory.

Kira Ryosuke was also aware of this. Currently, he needed to rally this team together and gain control.

Only then could he secure victory one hundred percent.

At this moment, Kira Ryosuke stood in front of the goal, his foot on the ball, his gaze scanning the people in front of him.

"So, who's the first one?"

"Watch me destroy you!"

At this moment, Raichi took the lead and stepped forward.

On one hand, he desired to secure the position of a forward, but on the other hand, he was also displeased with Kira Ryosuke. Now, it was an opportunity for him to defeat Kira Ryosuke himself.

If he could win against Kira Ryosuke, he would have a chance to gain control over the team. Raichi wouldn't miss this opportunity.

"Come on, you go on the attack first. As long as you can score, you can start anytime," Kira Ryosuke smiled and looked at Raichi while kicking the ball to him.

Raichi stared intensely at Kira Ryosuke. Looking at his opponent's demeanor, he felt even more irritated.

Although Raichi knew that Kira Ryosuke was very strong during the tag game, he didn't necessarily think he would lose in a one-on-one situation.

Raichi had great confidence in his own abilities. In a one-on-one scenario, the attacking side should have a slight advantage.

"Just wait to lose!" Raichi yelled, then quickly dribbled the ball towards Kira Ryosuke. Kira Ryosuke's body only slightly lowered its center of gravity, leaving openings around him.

"There's an opportunity!"

Raichi seized the moment, preparing to use his speed to overpower his opponent.

However, in the instant he lowered his center of gravity and was about to sprint, Kira Ryosuke closed in on him in the blink of an eye.

A Thunderclap Flash!

This time, the use of the skill didn't involve coordinated breathing, so it wasn't a hundred percent effective. Nevertheless, it still provided Kira Ryosuke with a faster speed than usual.

"So fast!"

Raichi was somewhat surprised, but he didn't panic. Instead, he turned his body to the side, trying to forcefully get past his opponent.

The closer the defender gets, the easier it is for the attacker to find a breakthrough opportunity.

"Hey, if it's just a one-on-one, there's no need to take it so seriously! It not only consumes too much energy but also increases the risk of injury!" Kuon Wataru shouted with concern from the side.

However, Raichi completely disregarded the words of others. He was a person with strong self-esteem and absolutely couldn't accept anyone being above him.

Especially when Kira Ryosuke spoke just now, Raichi felt extremely displeased.

This was his best and only chance to defeat Kira Ryosuke. As long as he could defeat this guy, he would have high prestige within the team.

"As soon as I defeat Kira Ryosuke and secure the leader position, I'll make sure this guy plays as a defender, no, directly as a goalkeeper!"

Raichi thought to himself, mustering his strength and preparing to bypass his opponent.

However, Raichi overlooked one thing – Kira Ryosuke was the guy who could stop Kunigami Rensuke's shot with his chest alone.

His shoulder collided directly with Kira Ryosuke's side, producing a loud sound.

Raichi's eyes widened, filled with astonishment.

In that instant, he felt like he had collided with a massive rock.

"So, this is your physical confrontation?" Kira Ryosuke's voice rang in his ear, his tone incredibly calm.

The disadvantage in the physical confrontation made Raichi lose his balance. His running posture was completely disrupted, and he stumbled, eventually falling flat on the ground.

And in that moment, Kira Ryosuke easily completed the interception, firmly controlling the ball at his feet.

"Your attack is over."

Kira Ryosuke spoke slowly.

"Hey, wasn't that a foul just now?"

Raichi immediately turned his head and demanded an explanation from the others.

"No, Kira just now didn't commit a foul. It was a legitimate physical confrontation,"Kunigami Rensuke replied.

"Now it's my turn to attack."

Kira Ryosuke's voice redirected Raichi's attention, and he turned his head, looking displeased at his opponent.

"Come on, don't think you've won just because you scored one goal due to luck. I'll shut you down!"

Raichi gritted his teeth, feeling that he had lost face. Regardless, he had to prevent Kira Ryosuke from scoring, even if it meant fouling.

He took a few steps back, positioning himself closer to the goal, making it harder for his opponent to get past him.

"Is that so? Then I'll attack."

As soon as the words fell, Kira Ryosuke quietly gathered strength in his legs. Just like before, he used the Thunderclap Flash skill in his movement.

This one-on-one wasn't just about gaining dominance within the team, but also a practical test of the Thunderclap Flash skill.

"So fast!"

Everyone on the field exclaimed in surprise, including Raichi, who was also astonished. He immediately shifted his weight and sprinted towards the possible attacking route of Kira Ryosuke. Only by doing so could he possibly stop his opponent's progress.

But in that instant, Kira Ryosuke suddenly came to an abrupt stop. The ball, which was moving at high speed, froze as if it were suspended in mid-air, right at Kira Ryosuke's feet. Raichi once again lost his balance due to an unstable center of gravity and missed the optimal defensive position.

With a gentle kick, Kira Ryosuke successfully scored.

Although the Thunderclap Flash skill, under normal circumstances, didn't impose a significant burden on his legs, it still consumed more energy than regular running shots. Therefore, it couldn't be used without restraint. Moreover, as fast as it was, it might not be as easy to bypass a true expert, especially considering that in a match, he wouldn't be facing just one opponent.

There was still a need to further improve himself.

But for the current Kira Ryosuke, using the Thunderclap Flash multiple times in a match posed no problem at all. At this stage, it should be able to demonstrate its usefulness on both ends of the game, in attack and defense.

"Darn... Darn! No, it's just luck! Let's go again! Another round!" Raichi immediately shouted in frustration, unwilling to accept defeat.

"You lose," Kunigami Rensuke reprimanded Raichi from the side.

Meanwhile, everyone else on the field stared intently at Kira Ryosuke. They finally understood his strength and realized that his top ranking in the team wasn't just empty praise.

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