1 Student Nex Xander!

"Muhahahaha! Perish for this daddy!"

A youngster cackled as he ravaged millions of dark creatures.

Their blood turned the land a blackish crimson, their dying screams echoing in the otherworldly Dimensional Arena.

But even then, the madman wasn't satisfied…

"Die, die, DIE!!! Be fuel for my growth!!"

He produced countless sword beams with his attacks, threw spells of mass annihilation as if freebies, and summoned a malignant bloody legion to do his bidding.

The entire realm trembled, unending notifications appearing.

[+42 XP, +69 XP, +420 XP, +666 XP!]

How nice! This place was where Nex felt the most alive. He kept cackling as more enemies spawned from glowing magical portals.

- Archaic demonic vampire ancestors spreading their darkness

- Twelve-winged archangels glittering with holy light

- Apocalypse-level ancient fire-breathing Dragons

- Lost chaotic gods with a few thousand eyes

- ….

The world-ending level entities ganged up on him, but he took them all on. After all, they couldn't even pierce his magical shield. It was a complete massacre!

He slaughtered them all, grinning with hunger in his eyes. This was exactly what he had been missing in his life. All the sacrifices up to this point had been worth it!

They all disappeared one after the others, cursing him as they perished. But, this only added to his enjoyment.

"Go on, curse me more! There's a reason they call me the Bloody Emperor!"

The fight finally ended, but he found himself wanting more. This game opening was so well-made that he couldn't wait to encounter these enemies for real!

[Welcome to Blood Legacy!]

[Congratulation! Leveled Up!]

[Now Accessing the Tutorial!]

He kept slaughtering in the new map: a seashore filled with zombies, crabs, and crab zombies.

With every kill, he released some of the stress that had been building inside him for so long.

The anxiety of School, the annoyance of work, his family's nagging, the woes of getting rejected, and especially the pain of his favorite anime getting canceled!

Every click felt liberating.

He had prepared all month to play this brand new game. It was now Launch Day, and he wasn't leaving this Internet Café seat before reaching Max Level!

There was no better feeling than leveling up, ecstasy coursing through one's veins as new limits were pushed!

He wanted it all, and he was ready: skills, stats, blessings, pure power, and more!

A lineup of Monstrous energy drinks was at his side, enough to give a horse a heart attack. He had also brought enough snacks to end hunger in Africa.

"Hehe, die little crab!"

"Don't be shellfish and hand over your XP!"

"Who's your daddy?! It is I, the crab annihilator!"

The customer next to him was already showing a worried look, calling the manager over. "Psst— I think this guy's turning mad. Should we help?" He whispered with concern.

"No, no, that's Nex Xander. He IS mad! Ah, but don't worry, he's a good guy…just NEVER get in the way of his leveling. Understood?" The manager solemnly advised.

The regulars gave a knowing smile, already calling their friends over. "Yes, he's here! Hurry up!"

Nex was a Local Legendary Gamer: focused, devious and unstoppable.

The gallery was happy to watch as he gamed.

— Click Click! Tap Tap! —

"Oh god, he's already on the Leaderboards!"

"How?! Isn't the Tutorial supposed to take 2 hours?! He cleared it in 15 minutes!!"

"Oh, he found a bug. Why do you think his character was twerking on the screen? He was looking for design flaws." A guy explained, raising his custom Bloody Emperor mug.

As Nex skipped an entire zone, a bunch of red-named level 10 giant steel-pincer scorpions appeared in front of his level 2 character.

"Level 10?! He's so freaking doomed!"

"Pfft— Oh ye of little faith, keep watching. This ain't his first rodeo."

Nex masterfully manipulated his avatar, perfectly dodging the enemy's attacks with minimal movements. How could anyone have such godly battle positioning?

Nex could already feel his blood boil with exhilaration. As soon as he killed a scorpion, he'd level up, and his reign would start!

But suddenly, as if to sour the mood, a few rowdy delinquents pushed their way toward Nex's PC neighbor. They looked rough, with spiked brass knuckles on their hands.

Were they here to cause trouble?

The crowd backed away from them nervously, some already looking for the manager.

"Bastard, we finally found you!"

"Hehe, get ready. In a year, it will be the anniversary of your death!"

"All of you bitches better back off! This is an issue between the kid and us!"

Their leader was already grabbing the now livid student.

Just as the tension was getting higher…CRASH!!! Suddenly the front door was kicked open, a wild gunman rushing in.

"Freeze y'all! This is a motherfucking robbery! Hand over the cash, and no one will get hurt! Hurry the fuck up and move your asses! Manager, who's the manager here?!"

Oh god! He had a gun, a freaking GUN!

"Please don't kill me!"

"I'll give you everything just—"

"All of you, shut up! On the ground!" He screamed.

Everyone fell to their knees, utterly terrified, the mean-looking bullies included.

The shrieks of panic quickly turned into quiet sobs under the black gun's muzzle, the entire shop turning silent....or close.

— Click Click! Tap Tap! —

Even now, Nex was still gaming?! Of course, he was…

"You, what the fuck are you doing?! This is a robbery! How freaking clueless are you?!" The angry gunman aimed at the fool's head.

Nex felt the touch of the cold touch of the metal and heard the horrified gasps of the bystanders. Even then, he didn't even bother to turn around, disparaging the man as he kept gaming.

"Clueless? Clueless?! Do you know how much I had to prepare for this game's launch?! Do you know how hard it was to get so many days off from work?! Do you?!…"

"… School was even more of a pain. I swear those teachers are sadistic with the homework! I had to sneak into so many offices to get things ready!…."

"… That's not even mentioning how I had to convince my big sis to cover for me. Can't have my mom worry about me dying from intense gaming..."

"…I even missed a blind date with a cute girl to be here! Can you feel the aching of my eternally single heart?!…"

"..Now, why the hell are you bothering me? I'm just a student. Do I look wealthy to you?! How clueless are you to waste time on me! If you're here to rob, just rob, idiot!"

Nex Xander really was crazy!

— Click Click! Tap Tap! —

In the silence, the sound of the keystrokes felt deafening.




The gunman felt overwhelmed. Were students nowadays that fearless?! He would have long shat his pants in the youngster's place.

"WTF?! Whatever, no one moves! Manager, register's money, NOW!" The robber spat out.

As he collected the spoils of his plunder, he couldn't help but raise a brow. What was up with this amount?! There was next to nothing in there!

"That's it?! Where's the rest?!"

Just as he was about to rage, a calm voice resounded over the sound of clicking and tapping.

"The armored cash transport came for collection 2 hours ago. Your timing's horrendous: it's like you haven't prepared for this raid." Nex remarked.


"Now, law enforcement will be here in 2 minutes and 47 seconds. I suggest you split before it's too late. Then again, I don't really care what happens to you." Nex bullshitted.


How did he know, and what the hell was wrong with kids these days?! The robber felt his stomach twist in anger as he started leaving while stomping his feet.

But he suddenly tripped on a random power cord, tumbling down, not realizing whose PC he had just powered off…

"Goddammit!!!" (x2)

The clicking and tapping stopped for the very first time.

As the gunman was getting up, a vengeful ghost appeared behind him. A flurry of kicks landed on the poor man, beating him back to the floor.

This was only the start of the violence. What followed almost made some feel bad for the robber, almost. A few instants later, he was turned into a wailing mess.

"S-stop! Please, no more! I've learned my less— ARRGG!" The robber's shrieks echoed in the small shop.

The manager restored the power while murmuring. "Yep, never disturb his leveling. Still, poor dude. Last time there were 5 robbers to share the beatings…."

"I-is he always this violent?!"

"What? No, never! He's a law-abiding citizen…mostly."



As Nex's screen lit up again, he happily went back to his chair.

On the way, he whispered a simple "scram" to the annoying bullies. They turned livid, gulping hard as they scurried away, wishing they had been born with more legs.

Nex was ready to continue his gaming spree. This time he wouldn't let any disturbance happen!

But as he was cracking his knuckles, a huge glowing magical circle appeared right under his chair. It crackled with massive energy, bloody red glyphs shining inside. Mana?!

— ደማዊ — ንጉሠ — ነገሥት — አስጠራ —

He hurriedly ran away, only for the magic circle to follow him. "Fuck me! Give me a break!"


[Summoned to the Apocalypse!]

"No, cancel! Stop, reject, refuse!" His complaints were utterly ignored.

He sighed as he whipped his phone out. 'Sis, scenario 37-B. I'm counting on you to take care of the family! — Love you, forever handsome Nex.'

What kind of face would that one insurance agent make? Who was it that said adding a transmigration clause to their family's accident policy was useless, eh?!

A second later, he disappeared from this world. The ones left behind stared at the now empty air, blinking in disbelief. What the hell had they just witnessed?!

"Did he just get Isekai-ed?!"

"How should I know?!"

Amidst the commotion, only the manager kept his cool. He was confident the youngster would return this time too. It was only that the shop would be a bit lonely for a while.

He lightly chuckled, addressing a prayer to whichever god or devil had summoned the youngster. They had interrupted Nex Xander's leveling…

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