Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness
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Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness


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What is Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness

Read Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness novel written by the author zsaivryL on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Romance stories, covering romance, action, mystery, revenge, femaleprotagonist. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Warning: Some chapters contains NSFW. Running for her life after being a test subject, she was reborn into a reconstructed body with a new identity.  Her memories are messed up, some are missing while some are not, but she will try to live and find a way to get her life back!  However, finding a way to take her revenge, she went back to her trusted second mother and unexpectedly meets the Heir, but what she didn't expect.. A strong arm suddenly hooked her thin waist and pulled her towards him while making her sit on his lap. He looked at his mother who has a stunned expression, and coldly claim without giving a place for rejection. "She can use all my wealth, but she will be my real wife" Who would ever thought that she will end up having a cold dangerous man as her husband? Can she hold on until she gets back her lost life and freedom? Or will forever be his prisoner? Like taming a beast, can she make him fall for her? Or he will make her fall for him? Will she ever succeed with her revenge? ---------------------------------- *Disclaimer: The story's genre is a mix fantasy, science fiction and romance. The content refers to force marriage, sex and violence. Therefore, some chapters contains NSFW. ----------------------------------- NOTE: (UPDATES) This is currently a side project, will continue eventually, but for now, updates will more or less 4 chapters a week, but I will try, maybe depends on the votes and reviews?. lol For the previous slow and no updates, I'm sorry. I've been in the hospital for quite some time and was on recovery, but I'll try to catch up with the chapters. ------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: I don't own the book cover. CTTO of the bookcover. -------------------------------------- Disclaimer: For all those that don't like forced loved/ men forcing things on women this novel may not be your taste I suggest not to read than rate or review unfairly. ------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, This is one of my books, but I am still a new author, working with the story I created and I would love to improve and learn more. I will highly appreciate if you help me correct any mistakes you find. I'm open for any suggestions and feedbacks but please prevent disrespectful and unprofessional words. You can PM me for comments, corrections or suggestions through discord. zsaivryL#5904 I will try to update at least 4 chapters a week, but it depends on my available draft, maybe more or less. ------------------------------------------------------ I'm also working on my other book Love Chain: My Cute Demon Bride. Each chapters will not be lower than 600 words, there may be more depending on the chapters plot but its guaranteed 600 words or more. ------------------------------------------------------- This book is a series.. Story will continue on the following books: Love Chain: My cute demon bride Blood Tears: My husband's wickedness Broken Laws: Away with a Soldier Looking forward for more readers! UPDATE: author will finish the book, but not for now due to personal reason) I'm sorry guys for not updating for few years now, I'll try to continue within this year. Thanks

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Waaah I was thinking to ask you about your 2nd novel 😍😍😍 now it's here? How can split my power stone? 1.5?😂😂😂😂 thank you 😘😘😘 I know it's gonna be great like love chain😉 I'm really became your number one fan😗😗😗


Awesome!!!!!!!! Dear author!! Ur my hero!!! I really wanna thank u to writing dis novel Its unbelievably awesome!!! 😖😔 Dear author can we get 30 episodes a day???😊🙇🙏🙏🙏🙏


Review for the Author: The same Author of "Love Chain", it's definitely going to be fun! I will highly recommend to read her book! Author is so good at updating very much! She keeps on stirring my emotions, so if you want something different, ITS A MUST TO READ HER BOOKS! 😘😘😘Love you author!


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I like the story and I am eagerly waiting for the mystery behind the FL to unfold..... Hope there is a mass release.. 😁 👍 👍 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊


Reveal spoiler


Mystery, thriller, romance, interesting ML and FL. This story is on the right track. What else did I miss? Ah! More chapters! Good job author-sama!


Another book! 😱 The synopsis hooked me up! MC seems other way around than "Love Chain", but it made me feel more interested and excited! Author, you're doing a great job! MUST READ!! FULLY RECOMMENDED! I will support your stories!


Story is interesting admin please tell author to complete the plot really curious to what happened at the end it's been long author didn't update it the chapters request you to do so


Reveal spoiler


Please author try and continue this book, I really am missing it a lot, I need more chapters from you please try your special best to continue, I just don't know why I keep staring at it in my library please author just help us Thanks


Hi author please why haven't you uploaded this novel now it's going to be a month soon since you stopped uploading new chapters please if you are not contuing the story let us know


Wow another superb story.. Author you are the best ..you have wild imaginations that are captivating... Knew this from the other book love chain I love it so I thought let me check this one out and am loving it...the cover is eye catching too I just love your writing so entertaining.. Thanks keep it up...


Plz update as early as possible.....i like the content n want to read more ....so do update new chapters soon....reader a re waiting for it....


Author pleaseee you have to post more.. Please don't stop writing in the middle of the story... Please. I have waiting for a long while for you to upload.. PLEASE UPLOAD


Good story yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyjsskjajsjj ncixijsnjsdivosoashdhjgjfdifjjcjdidywhsgfiifdjdnvxjdhfjjdjsjqsnncvjcigodjsjdhadkvlfkndjfgjdksifjnvdjdjjffidiahdhjfufjdfj


As much as I like this story, the updates are not that regular to stick around. Coming to the story it is still in development stage and till now not bad. Could improve the grammar and other such errors but still manageable. Overall if the author can invest some extra time on this (I know it's just a side project but still) it's worth sticking around.


More updates please :) Really really intrigued. Would be nice if LS is actually the father of Arwen. The same, the reason behind that would be intriguing too. Haha


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