1 Chapter 1: Tragedy

One day, spatial rifts suddenly opened in space, causing Earth to get dotted with the entrance to the world's connecting spaces—exotic mini-worlds with thousands of different types of beasts, magic herbs, magic plants, and spatial tunnels that lead to other planets.

Through the entrances of the world's connecting space, a unique source of energy classified as magic power surged inside Earth, leading to the expansion of the world's land and the evolution of all races, be it human or animals, and along came a significant advancement in technology as humans learned to harness the magic power.

Humans started exploring the world's connecting spaces, venturing into other worlds by using the spatial tunnels searching for more extraordinary evolution material and higher-grade energy sources.

The humans conquered territories in the world's connecting space and then used the spatial tunnels in the very mini-worlds to appear in entirely unfamiliar planets.

Demi-humans, subspecies, and aliens ruled these planets; some were friendly, some were hostile to humans.

The human race formed alliances and established trade pacts with various races that were either friendly and neutral. However, they waged a war of conquest against the hostiles ones.

They colonized numerous planets with force and superior strategies. Along the way, they further explored the evolution paths for their race.

The most popular evolution path increases a person's lifespan by countless years. The prospect of living for eternity caused many to venture into the wilderness and outer space to gather evolution material and evolve.

Nevertheless, the age of peace and prosperity didn't last long as spaceships carrying humans and demi-humans came in contact with creatures of hell while exploring the boundless space.

The creatures of hell invaded the planets owned by the Earth Federation by using hell gates and waged war on humans and demi-humans as they were able to evolve by eating their flesh and drinking their blood. In contrast, humans and demi-humans fought back very aggressively, proving that they are not easy targets that would silently endure bullies and torture.

The allied races that made up the Earth Federation also joined in on the war to fend off the creatures from hell that invaded their planet.

"Now, it's up to strong people like us to fight the invaders that are threatening to tear apart our worlds and consume our races to annihilation. We must not let them succeed in their ambitions, even if it means temporary separation. Do you understand?" Aaron said as he looked at his ten-year-old son.

"I... don't want you to go." A young child with a lean figure clad in grey nightwears spoke while sobbing. He had jet black hair, inky black eyes, and lips shaped like a heart.

"My son, don't cry. We will be back before you know it! I promise you will see mother pretty soon. This parting is only temporary."

As she said those words, Jennifer hunched down and placed a kiss of comfort on her son's forehead. She was a beautiful woman with ocean-like eyes and sun-like hair.

"Haha! Be strong little champ. After the war, I will bring home a spaceship. I promise I'll be the first to take you on an adventure in space. Isn't this what you always wished for?" Aaron Sangue said while ruffling the hair of his only child.

As soon as he said those words, Vincent's black eyes stricken with tears of sadness twinkled in happiness before he excitedly nodded his head at the prospect of possibly going out of Earth's atmosphere and venturing into the stars.

"Hick! Hick! Okay, mom, dad. I'll wait for you to return and uphold your promise! I will miss you both a lot," Vincent Sangue said, controlling his sobs.

"We will miss you too!"

"While we are up there, you should train so that one day we will fight together for our race and end the war to live happily in peace."

The both of them said at the same time while hugging him like it was the last time.

"I promise to become the best soldier out there and end the war!"

As the young boy murmured his goal while drowning in the pleasant warmth brought by their embrace, the two adults nearing their mid-thirties laughed and caressed his back.

"Goodbye, my son."

They hugged him once again, enveloping him in a warm embrace before they left.

His father and mother were commoners who possessed excellent combat skills. Thus, they were conscripted in one of the many Vanguard Battalion by the Earth Federation to fight for the human race.

It wasn't just them, as war slaves, commoners, and nobles also fight in the war. Even some royals voluntarily enlisted in the military because of the war.

Earth Federation hierarchy is divided into war slaves, commoners, nobles, and royals. Each was further divided into the lower class, middle class, and upper class.

The Vanguard Battalion fought at the front of the war and had the highest chance of dying. Moreover, they were humanity's most vital line of offense and defense.

As the war continued, five years passed by, and Vincent grew up to be 15 years old without the care of his parents.

"The war is expected to continue endlessly. Sixteen years ago, we killed a two-winged fallen seraphim, and they have been aggressively attacking us ever since. But our soldiers have been fighting back bravely. There is no winning side. The creatures of hell are physically superior to us in nearly every way. On top of that, they also possess innate abilities, but even with all that, they have no chance of winning the war."

The fallen Seraphs exist as one of the most powerful demons among the creatures of hell, and they are classified into different levels of strength according to the number of wings on their back. A single wing signifies the most powerful Fallen Seraphs demon. The more the wings, the less powerful they are. 

"Melanie, you are correct. Unlike us, they lack knowledge of Esoteric technology and friends. Besides, some of us naturally evolve and produce ability cells, which then can be activated by using magic power and higher energy source to generate supernatural abilities. We can also eat a beast's flesh to gain ability cells and use abilities. Can the same be said for the creatures of hell? No!"

"There's good news, also."

"Oh, what is that?"

"We were successful in recreating crystal race battle suits!"

Over the past years, Vincent has been paying attention to any mention of war shown on the TV or published on the network.

He smiled, happy with the recent advancement in the technology of the federation.

Seeing Flying Arcs, Hover Disks, spacecraft, Teleportation vehicles, and so on, flying overhead while walking in the streets was something everyone was used to in this part of the universe. However, battle suits solely belonged to the Crystal race and only they had the resources and methods to create them. And now, the very reason of the Crystal race pride also belonged to humans!

Vincent's smile didn't last for long.

"It's been weeks, and there is no mention from mom and dad. Why do I have this bad feeling in my heart." Vincent muttered under his breath while watching the TV.




The ringing sound of the doorbell felt ominous to Vincent's ear. As he stood up and walked to the door, the odd, ominous feeling began to enrich his heart.


The door opened with a crispy screech, one too eerie and enough to give Vincent a foreboding feeling. Outside of the house stood a person, a sharp aura coming out of his entire person. He was taller than him, and he had to raise his head to see who had come. His eyes met a middle-aged man, one nearly two heads taller than him. His eyes were sharp, just like his sword-like eyebrows, and he stood tall. Although he had a strong, burly body, he didn't appear rude. Instead, he gave off a composed aura just like a sheathed sword. A grim look tainted the contour of his face. He wore military clothing and stood in front of the door in solemn silence. There was a tag on his chest representing his name. The man held a sealed metallic box in his hands.

"Hello, Sir, David!" Vincent respectfully saluted the military personnel before asking: "Sir, what brings you here? Do you have a letter from my parents?"

Because he respected these brave warriors–who fought every day for the human race–and wanted to become one like them to assist his parents and the human race in the war against the creature of hell, his attitude towards them was humble and full of respect.

"Um…" For a while, David didn't say anything. Rather, he didn't know what to say. He fell silent for two to three seconds as though he was organizing his words.

"I am sorry to announce this, but your parents have fallen in the line of duty."

The middle-aged military personnel broke this solemn silence with words too shocking to hear for a young boy like Vincent.

"You are joking. My parents can't possibly die without fulfilling their promise. Mom promised that she would return home, and Dad promised to take me out on a tour of outer space." Vincent said while innocently staring into the eyes of the military personnel.

The news was too hard to bear for young Vincent. He could not accept his parent's death, and he declined David's words.

"They are confirmed to be dead." David sighed and continued to say, "Listen carefully. They were brave soldiers who protected three whole battalions of humanity by self-destructing and taking down the alien spaceships of the creature of hell with them!"

David's tone was severe yet contained hints of sorrow. Because he was one of the many soldiers saved by Vincent's parents, he is also saddened by their death. 

As his parents saved him, this caused him to pity Vincent more than the other kids whose parents died in the war.

"Mom, Dad…" Young Vincent cried in despair, tears streaming down his eyes. Written on his face was the sorrow of tragedy caused by war.

He had no other relatives. Now that even his parents were gone, he was utterly alone in this world.

"Do not mourn them, for they were brave. Wipe your tears dry, become strong, and avenge them," David said before handing over the sealed box in his hands to Vincent. "This box contains items which they left for you in case they died. The Medal of Honor awarded to them by the Earth Federation for their heroic sacrifice is also inside the subspace of the box. This box is sealed and can only be opened by your blood."

"I understand," Vincent's voice was low as if he was talking to himself, but David heard ly.

"If you need anything then don't hesitate to call me. My name is David, but you can also call me Dave."

"Okay," Vincent nodded between sobs as David walked away.

Seeing David's figure vanishing from sight, Vincent quickly closed the door and locked it before walking back to his room.

He recalled the last time he was with them. The warmness of the last hug. His mother's gentle voice. His father's hearty hug. Their promise. Now, all that was gone. All because of war. The main reason for his dream has shattered, and now without his parents, he didn't have a single reason to live.

His eyes were devoid of life when a brief cold blaze shone from Vincent's eyes, and redness crept from behind the darkness. He clenched his fist so tight that the nails slightly pierced his skin and a few drops of blood leaked out. Rage now filled every fiber of his being.

A flame lit up in his heart.


As he said those with words with gritted teeth, the flame of rage reflects in his eyes.

"No one can stop the creatures of hell! The allied races combined with Earth's military might couldn't subdue that one race! I will kill the creatures of hell to take my revenge as this is my dream, but I'll also live to fulfill my parent's dreams. Father wanted to end the war. I will become the undisputed soldier that will end their tyranny! Mother wanted to save people, be it humans or demi-humans. I will change the fates of millions of lives and save them from the clutches of death! I will honor these words all my life."

At that moment, the tragedy of war blessed the orphaned young boy with a new reason to live his life to the fullest–not one but three dreams.

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