Blood Debt: the price for love Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Blood Debt: the price for love


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What price would you pay to save the life of one you love? Would you give a life to save a life? When the doctor spoke those bone chilling words Jon's world came crashing around him, your wife Lilly is terminal. A never-ending battle with leukemia but her type is rear and progressive. Time was short and ticking away when by chance or luck he meets Mr. William Abreo who gives him a cure to save his wife but the price is high, your unborn child. A life or a life. Cameron(Cam) is typical teenage girl who cares about only three things. Her BFF Jessica, BTS her favorite boy band and boys of course. What started out as a normal day for her turned into hell when her dad and Mr. Abreo tell her that on her eighteenth birthday that is only months away she be handed over to this stranger. William Abreo is under a lot of pressure to find his queen since he will soon be handed over all power of the vampire royal family. By some twist of fate Jon walks into his life with a sad story of his wife is dying of cancer, William takes this opportunity to help but at the cost of the unborn child that Jon and his wife Lilly will have after she is cured. All William has to do is sit back and wait to collect. Cameron wants nothing to do with the arrangement that William and her father has and begins to fight her feeling for William. William must also fight his own battles since the world he lives in their is no time for weakness but, he must fight to stay strong because he is the next King of the vampires while falling in love with Cameron. With all the twist and turns, will Cameron face the fact that she is falling in love with William and will William show weakness when it comes to his love for Cameron? Time will only tell ......