4 “The Unknown Sender"

I received a text. It was send by an unknown number. They was threatening me that I should stop hanging out with Veronica. The sender said, "You must stop hanging out with Veronica. She is the sister of a murderer. Be careful otherwise you will responsible for what will be happen to you"...

I wasn't feeling anything at all. I was numb. I was in deep thought thinking about who he/she really is? what they want and why are they stopping me to hangout with Veronica? How they know that I was with Veronica? These types of questions were coming in my mind. I wanted to ask Ms Veronica but I didn't have courage.

I was thinking about it whole night. Next morning when I entered the hallway. Someone called my name "Aiden!" . It was Ms Veronica's voice. I don't know why I start moving towards the classroom. I was avoiding her but I didn't even know why! I clench my wrist and stop then I turned around. She was also giving me a suspicious look. She came to me and gave me a book and told me that I left it in her car yesterday.

I was feeling like ahhhhhhh! I wanted to disappear. I was so embarrassed. I overreacted. I never reacted that way. Anyways I thanked her and start moving towards my class again. I entered in my class Ms Veronica was behind me. While she was teaching I was looking at her I was thinking about that message. I wanted to concentrate but I can't.

After our class was finished. I rushed towards staff room and asked Ms Veronica to came out for few minutes. We went to art room. No one was there. Then I finally gathered all of my courage and asked her about that texted. As I was telling her I saw her face expressions were changed. Her eyes was watery and soon as I finished telling her a tear drop came out from her eyes.

My heart was about to burst. I started feeling so down was it love??? "Wait what! Am I in love with Veronica... Noooooo that can't be happened! She is my teacher yaaaa! stop yourself!" that's what I was saying to myself inside. She was crying I can't resist myself I step towards her and hugged her. She also grabbed me tightly and cried even more.

I was comforting her but honestly that hug was also comforting me. It was so peaceful I wanted to stay in that position for an hours. When she realized that we are closed she pushed me back and said sorry. I was hurt like who did that! I was really comfortable ಥ‿ಥ

After looking at each other and an awkward silence. She said "I can't tell you the reason but you have to stay away from me. I don't want you to get hurt ". I wasn't expecting that. This sentence sounds like that she also feels something towards me. Was she trying to protect me? Was I only imagining or is it real?.

She left. I was standing there alone completely lost in my thoughts. I really wanted to know about what she was hiding. I can feel that she was enduring something so huge all alone. I started to care about her. I don't know when did I developed that kind of feelings but It was good as compared to my normal daily life.

I finally got a reason to live more. My life was hectic before she came. She was my first love. I fell for her. I came out from the art room. Veronica was already gone. I walked towards my bicycle then started riding towards my home.

As I reached there was a letter in my mail box. I thought "Who is that old fashioned person like everyone have internet who sent letters? " I came inside my home, went to my room closed the door and start reading that letter. It was the same sentence that was delivered to me as a texted message. I wonder who was the sender but there was nothing to search out.

I went to my room, changed my clothes and laid down. I was imagining our hug moment and smiling like a crazy person. Love really made me crazy. I start talking with myself. I was only wondering about Veronica. The best thing was that I stopped calling her Ms. I was acting weird smiling and cuddling with my pillow. (╥﹏╥)

After some time Veronica called me she asked me to come out. I was running like a psycho and searching for my things. I messed up my closet and picked a shirt to wear. How can I impressed her if I don't look handsome (shy, shy) \(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ♬

As you know girls like handsome guys who dressed black have stylish hairstyle. Wear watches. Have clean shiny shoes. Have veiny hands and abs (six packs) and good body figure♪~(´ε` )

I dressed up according to the description I had in my mind. I was in love with me. I was looking completely different may be it was charming of a lover. Well..... who knows. I went out. Veronica looked at me astonishingly. She glared me for few seconds continuously. Her reaction was telling me that "Yes Aiden! you did it she finally attracted towards you" I was dancing inside. She said "Lets go to the coffee shop" I nodded. I was really curious about what she will going to say now.....

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