Bleeding Hearts Book

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Bleeding Hearts


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Did you know? At the end of the forest, you can find the great lake on where the great demon king was sealed. Thousand of years ago, this demon king destroyed every villages, towns, and kingdom. He decided to rule over the demon world and the human world, but not just that, every world that is there. He was so strong that everyone hid and feared him just by hearing his name, until one day, the demon king's younger sister decided to fight against him. Hearing what her brother had done made her furious for when she was awake, she loved the humans and was loved by them. Her body may be weak but her powers are equal with her brother. She faced her brother and fought him, at the end of their fight, she sealed him by the great lake of the kingdom of Clover. The demon king felt so betrayed by her sister. He cursed her and promised, one day, once he will be out, he will kill his sister and rip her heart out of her chest. His sister brought peace back to the human world. Her body was dying and she didn't know how much longer she could hold her brother in the lake that was why she went back to her slumber to lengthen her life. If only, if only her brother experience 'love' he would surely change his views. His stone-cold heart would surely melt. She could only hope for that day to come.