98 Vasto Lorde

"Damn...." Starrk muttered as he looked at Ichigo's transformed body. Ichigo sighed and looked at them. Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes.

'His strength has exceeded all of ours when he transformed. Do I have to use Segunda Etapa? There's no need right? ' Ulquiorra thought to himself.

Ichigo looked at them with a calm expression. Starrk got serious. If Ichigo's strength exceeded his, it obviously exceeded theirs as well.

"Looks like we have to go all out. Though I thought that would never happen. Haa... Things always don't go my way does it?" Starrk sighed lazily.

His lazy demeanor changed a second later. A serious blue aura of Reiatsu covered his body. Harribel had a bright yellow aura of Reiatsu covering her body. Ulquiorra had a gloomy dark green aura of Reiatsu surrounding his body.

'Hey King!! This is the perfect time to do that!! ' Zangetsu shouted in his mind.

'Do what, Zangetsu? What are you on about?' Ichigo asked his Zanpakutō spirit.

'Master your Shikai duh!! You remember what we talked about right?' Zangetsu asked him. Ichigo nodded.

'About how I have to be on the brink of death to allow my Hollow side to merge with me and become a Vasto Lorde in the process? Yes I do and it's been on my mind since then.' Ichigo answered.

'Do it now! Or else there might not be another golden chance like this! Imagine their horrified faces when they realize that this isn't your full power. ' Zangetsu set the scene. Ichigo nodded.

'I'll do it. Just stay back and watch. ' Ichigo promised and breathed out. He looked at the three Espada to see them focusing on something.

Ulquiorra, Harribel and Starrk were putting their right hands near Harribel's blade. They're focusing their full strength into a small black ball that was created on the tip of her blade. Lightning crackled around the pitch black orb.

Ichigo just stood and watched curiously. When the ball was fully charged, it was as big as a basketball. They looked at Ichigo with narrowed eyes and gritted teeth. Harribel raised her blade and pointed it at Ichigo.

"Shin: Gran Rey Cero!!!!"

"Shin: Gran Rey Cero!!!!"

"Shin: Gran Rey Cero!!!!"

After they chanted the techniques name loudly. The black orb disappeared entirely which left Ichigo very confused.

Ulquiorra and Starrk quickly went behind Harribel and put her hands on her back in case she got blasted back by the recoil of the True Gran Rey Cero.


Just after they did that, a giant black beam shot out of Harribel's back and towards Ichigo. Ichigo widened his eyes but still stared at the beam without fear.

But he deactivated Blut Vene and Hierro at the same time....




The Espada were breathing repeatedly while standing on an apartment building. They almost didn't survive the explosion of the Shin: Gran Rey Cero created.

Harribel was staring intently at the large cloud of black smoke that was created after the explosion ended.

They saw something falling through the clouds. It was Ichigo and he was missing his four limbs, and every single organ inside his torso. It was only his neck, head and some parts of his upper chest that remained intact.


Ichigo's body cratered the ground. He was barely staying conscious.

'Get ready King. You're gonna lose control for a few minutes when you become a Vasto Lorde. Just hang in there. ' Zangetsu's voice rang in his head but Ichigo couldn't process it. All he wanted is for this pain to be gone.

Harribel immediately narrowed her eyes. "What's happening?! Why is his Reiatsu skyrocketing?!" Harribel asked. Starrk gulped a little.

"This.... this is impossible. He should be dead by now." Ulquiorra muttered.

'Is this.... what true despair feels like? The complete lost of hope. Is this despair? " Ulquiorra asked himself. But then he clenched his fists.

" I refuse to be defeated this easily. " Ulquiorra muttered. He looked at Ichigo whose body was quickly regenerating.

"If I have to receive punishment for hiding this form then so be it, I will live." Ulquiorra muttered and appeared far away from Ichigo's regenerating body.

A very dark green almost black Reiatsu tore away from Ulquiorra, shaking and cracking up the ground around him.

" Kurosaki Ichigo, today you will witness the true potential of a Hollow. " Ulquiorra muttered. A black dome of Reiatsu then covered him.


The dome of Reiatsu was torn apart by Ulquiorra, revealing him to have a new form. While he retains his black wings, his long white coat is gone, revealing his slender white torso, with his bare chest patterned so his Hollow hole (which has become larger) originates from a to be black mark, like a bloody-liquid shed.

His waist becomes covered in something similar to black fur, which covers his arms and legs. He acquired a large fur-edged tail that he uses to attack, lift, and strangle a victim.

His fingers grow claw-like extensions, and his feet resemble talons. The irises of his eyes turn yellow, and the sclera become green. The tear-like marks under his eyes increase in size and turn black.

Ulquiorra's mask is completely gone. He has two large bat ears, and the #4 Espada tattoo is no longer visible on his chest.

"Resurrección: Segunda Etapa." Ulquiorra whispered.

"This is the true power of a Hollow. I am the only Arrancar among the Espada who can reach the second form of Resurrección. Even Aizen-sama has not seen me in this form. " Ulquiorra explained. Ichigo who was still on the ground, stared at him quietly. His body was fully regenerated.

"Wh-what is this. His Reiatsu is even overwhelming mine." Starrk stuttered in shock. Harribel had a calmer reaction but she was definitely surprised. She just isn't one for dramatic reactions.

"There's another form? How Interesting. I thought Resurrección was the only transformation we can have. Ulquiorra, you truly are one of a kind." Harribel muttered a compliment.

" What will you do now, Kurosaki Ichigo? " Ulquiorra asked Ichigo who was slowly getting up while glaring at him.

" Or should I say, Hollow? " Ulquiorra added.

Ichigo had a violent Black Reiatsu with red outlines crackling around him. His golden-yellow eyes flashed dangerously as he was surrounded by his own Reiatsu. His hair grew longer and was now almost reaching his waist.


Ichigo looked at Orihime who was standing on a three story building.

"Orihime... Why are you here?...." Ichigo whispered while his Reiatsu kept tearing away from him violently. He saw Orihime looking at him with a horrified face.

"Is she scared..." Ichigo chuckled and palmed his face.

"It doesn't matter if you're scared now, Orihime. What matters is, even though I will turn into a monster..... " Ichigo's looked at Ulquiorra with a death stare.

" I will protect you. "




A giant black dome that was surrounding Ichigo shot up to the sky like a beam.

Harribel quickly grabbed the Tres Bestias and covered them with her body. The dome dispersed.

Ulquiorra widened his eyes in shock. Harribel and Starrk were in disbelief. Orihime gasped and covered her mouth in shock.

There stood Ichigo in a new form. He face was covered by a white Hollow mask. The mask had two black lines running down from the top of the mask, then through the eyes sockets of the masks and finally ended on the chin part.

Ichigo's skin was as pale as Zangetsu's skin. His outfit was the same although now he has an orange fur collar wrapped around his neck. He also has it wrapped around his hands and his ankles.

His Hollow hole is very visible, you can see through it. The hole has six lines coming out of it and spreads around his chest. His curvy horns were even longer than before. Ichigo was now in his Vasto Lorde form, it is the true power of his Shikai.

[Shikai: Horns Of Salvation

Release Command: Go forth and tear the heavens asunder, Zangetsu!!!

Mastery Progress: 100%

State: Unstable]

"Grrrr....." Ichigo growled lowly. Ulquiorra narrowed his eyes at him.

"Who are you? Or rather, what are you? " Ulquiorra asked him. He received no reply.

"Can you even understand human speech?" Ulquiorra asked again. Ichigo didn't reply.

"I will ask again, what are you?" Ulquiorra demanded an answer with a low threatening voice. From behind the mask, you can clearly see Ichigo's golden yellow eyes glowed brightly. Ichigo stepped up and opened his mouth widely.


To be continued.....

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