9 Final Form

One Week Later....

[Clad Type (Incomplete Form) Lvl Max]

[Bringer Limelight Lvl Max]

[Reiryoku Sense Lvl 35]

Ichigo was staring at the screen. He dismissed it and looked at the tree in front of him. "I trained in this forest for 5 hours a day and I never go out of the Clad Type form when I train here. It's no wonder it leveled up so quickly. Do I care about being too overpowered? No." Ichigo grabbed his blades. He sat in a meditative position and put his blades on his lap.

Ichigo started to condense the souls of his blades again. He has been doing this activity repeatedly. Ichigo wanted to see if his blades have a limit to the condensation of its souls.

Approximately thirty minutes later, Ichigo opened his eyes. "It's time." He muttered and stabbed his blades on the ground.

Ichigo used Bringer Limelight to get himself far from where the blades are. A second later Ichigo was already a kilometer away from the blades.


Ichigo looked at the blinding lights that were emitting from the blades. The lights were bright red.

Ichigo was grinning madly. He was excited to see both of the blade's new designs. Once the bright light died down, Ichigo appeared in front of them and grabbed them.

"Heh!" Ichigo grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

The blades were larger and they felt perfect for Ichigo when he held them in his hands. It was like they were made for him.[Pics]

'I wonder what will happen if I use my Clad Type powers now. ' Ichigo wondered and did just that. He entered his incomplete Clad Type form.

He was in his Hollow-like armor. He looked over himself. " It's not enough. I can be better." Ichigo growled. He kept Fullbring both of his blade's soul and used it to cover his Hollow-like armor.


"Graaaaah!!!" Ichigo growled as he felt pain engulfing every part of his body. Around him, the trees and grass were waving uncontrollably.

The power Ichigo was emitting was affecting his surroundings. And it also captured the attention of two people in the Urahara Shop.

"Kisuke! What is that!" A cat ran towards Kisuke. Kisuke was narrowing his eyes.

"Let's go check." Kisuke muttered and he and the cat disappeared.

Back at the forest clearing, Ichigo was growling in pain. A dark red and white aura was covering him. The bright white aura suddenly covered his body and created a dome around him.



The white dome shot out and engulfed the area in a white light. The white light slowly disappeared, revealing Ichigo standing in the middle.

Ichigo was breathing heavily while looking at the ground. He slowly stood up straight and looked all over himself.

"Oh wow." Ichigo was marveled. He was wearing a full white shihakusho with black outlines. He had a black belt around his waist. Basically, he's wearing a copy of Zangetsu's clothes.

'How strange. Does this mean I have my Hollow powers now?' Ichigo asked himself. Unbeknownst to him, there were two people standing on a tree branch spying on him.

'But unlocking my Hollow powers means that I have to unlock my Shinigami powers at the same time. So that's out of the question. In the meantime, why don't I train with this new form of mine. ' Ichigo thought to himself and raised his blades to look at them.

'The guys should have an ability of their own right?' Ichigo looked at the curved claymore. He guided a little of the Blade soul to the tip of the blade. He raised it with one hand slashed down.

"Ha!" A bright red blade shot out of the blade. The blade flew towards the trees. It cut through several trees and slammed into the ground, devastating it.


Ichigo looked at his khyber knife and focused its soul to the tip of the blade.

A small black ball with a red aura around it appeared at the tip of the blade. Ichigo slowly raised the khyber knife and pointed it at a row of trees.


A thin red beam shot out of the blade. The beam destroyed the trees and the ground under it. It created a smoke cloud.

Ichigo closed his eyes to avoid getting dust in his eyes. When he opened it he saw a line of destroyed ground in front of him.

[Clad Type (Complete Form) Lvl 1]

[Mini Getsuga Tenshou Lvl 1]

[Mini Cero Lvl 1]

"Oh shit. Better run." Ichigo exited his Clad Type Form. He strapped the claymore to his back and disappeared from the scene. Kisuke was standing on a tree branch with the cat beside him. He was surprised to say the least.

"Yoruichi. That's who I think he is right?" Kisuke asked the cat. Yoruichi nodded.

"That's Isshin's son, Kurosaki Ichigo. More importantly, what the heck was that?" Yoruichi raised her paw and pointed at the destruction.

"There's no way he unlocked his Shinigami powers already right?" Kisuke muttered. Yoruichi shook her head.

"That looks more like Hollow powers. That little ball on the shorter blade looks like a Cero. Or at least a mini version of it. " Yoruichi replied to him. Kisuke was very interested.

" Say Yoruichi, you wanna spy on him?" Kisuke asked her with a sly smile. Yoruichi smirked evilly.

"I would love to Kisuke." Yoruichi answered. She disappeared without saying any more. Kisuke looked back at the destruction.

"This is an interesting development we have here.... But now I must ask Tessai to use the 'Super Trees' I developed a week ago to replant this place. We wouldn't want the locals to notice anything...." Kisuke chuckled and disappeared from the scene.

Ichigo appeared in front of his home. He was about to open the door. But he heard something that surprised him.


Ichigo looked down and saw a black cat with golden eyes meowing at him. 'Wait. Black cat with golden eyes. Is this cat Yoruichi? ' Ichigo suddenly smirked evilly.

"Hello kitty. What are you doing here?" Ichigo knelt down and picked the cat up.


"You're a cute kitty. Yes you are." Ichigo smiled at the cat. He cradled the cat and opened the door.

" Hiyaaa!!! " Ichigo easily dodged the punch Isshin sent at him. He went behind Isshin and kicked him in the back, sending Isshin flying out of the house and crashing to the ground.

"I'm home!" He shouted. Karin and Yuzu looked at him.

"Big brother, why are you carrying a cat?" Karin asked curiously. Yuzu gasped as she noticed it as well.

"From now on.... " Ichigo did a Rafiki and showed them the cat Lion King style.

"This cat will be the new addition to our family!" Ichigo declared with a small smile.

" Yaayyy!! " Yuzu celebrated. Karin sighed and smiled happily.

"Then he'll be your responsibility then." Isshin told him walking into the room. Ichigo nodded.

"Meow!" Yoruichi looked at him with a surprised face. Ichigo looked at it and smiled.

"I'll show you my room." Ichigo walked upstairs.

Yoruichi had wide eyes. She fucked up. 'Hey! There's actually a bright side to this, I can stay by his side and get more information than spying from a distance.' Yoruichi thought and smirked.

Ichigo set Yoruichi down on the ground. He sat down on the ground and looked at Yoruichi exploring the room.

"Now what name should I give you....

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