Black clover: Reincarnating as the strongest character

Dying and meeting a being who made him his new brother and promised to reincarnate him into the body of the strongest person of that world, what could go wrong with this right?....Well let's see how our protagonist deals with this when he finds himself inside a body that is destined to be strongest, which he will achieve no matter what. P.S.: It's not a serious story just a light read like a casual fanific about a guy reincarnating into Black Clover with some wishes.

overloaded_maxima · Anime & Comics
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164 Chs

Wack a mole

"It's eerily quiet, despite the beautiful scenery."

Currently walking through a forest Sekke looked around, enjoying the scenery.

"A forest like this brings back memories..." Said Vritra in a melancholic tone.

"What kind of memories?" asked Sekke.

"In the past, there was a dragon I tried to court that used to live in a forest like this," replied Vritra.

"Oh my, Vritra's love story. Not something I get to hear every day. So what happened after that?" asked Sekke.

"...Indra came to slay me and she died in the crossfire."

"...Sorry about that buddy."

"It's okay. It's not your fault," said Vritra in a calm tone.

All of a sudden the peaceful walk through the forest got depressing.

"Tell you what, if we ever get a chance to face this Indra, let's beat the crap out of him," said Sekke trying to cheer up the dragon.

"Hahaha!! You're my first host who said something like facing a god to cheer me up. Sure, let's beat that god if we ever get a chance to do so. Let me tell you though, he is strong. Even I, a dragon king, in my prime, was not able to defeat him."

"Well, you didn't have the power of the mighty dark lord to support you that time," replied Sekke in a confident tone.

The two continued to talk and soon Sekke felt the mana and ki of multiple people from some distance.

Not even thinking twice Sekke got on top of his bike and rode toward the place where he got the life signatures from.

Soon he reached a new town and was about to be stopped by the guards, but they stopped once they saw the white uniform that Sekke was wearing.

Not even thinking twice the guards stood straight and saluted Sekke, not wanting to offend a high-ranking official.

Sekke seeing that just gave a nod and walked into the town without any troubles.

"Having the uniform does help you out."

'It did. Let's find a place to read for now though.'

Sekke continued walking through the town and searched for a spot where he was not picking up mana and ki signatures.

Soon Sekke found such a place in the form of ruins.

"Looks like an old temple of sorts," said Vritra.

'This huge?' asked Sekke after seeing how huge the place was.

"It's normal for temples that have people living there as well. They need places to teach, live, and prepare food as well," explained Vritra.

'Hm.' replied Sekke not thinking much about it and continued exploring the ruins.

Sekke continued to walk around the ruins for about an hour and he had to say that this place looked great despite being so worn down.

The place was full of nature, the mana was pure, and overall Sekke felt calm.

But as the plot demands, the dark lord doesn't get rest.

"...Okay, I am gonna go and kill them real quick," said Sekke as he started feeling the mana and ki fluctuations surrounding the ruins.

"And when we finally caught some break and a place to rest. *Sigh* No matter the world, people do like courting death," added Vritra.

Sekke continued to walk and soon unsheathed Extase.

"How many are they gonna send this time?" asked Sekke.

"Probably twice the amount we faced last time? They should be wary of you now," replied Vritra.

Sekke didn't say anything and soon came to the edge of the runs and saw the soldiers below him with various magic tools ready to attack him.

"Yo! Despicable Human!!!"

Hearing the familiar voice Sekke looked up only to find a holographic Xander looking down at him.

"Oh my, it's Xander-kyun~ Hey buddy! You still weak and cowardly as ever?" asked Sekke with a smile on his face.

This immediately pissed Xander off but Sekke could hear someone laughing behind Xander.

"...You are so full of yourself that I don't want to give you a chance to surrender but I will ask you once again, do you sur-"

"No," answered Sekke as a large amount of mana gathered around the soldiers.

[Mana Zone: Yggdrasil Harvest]

A large tree made of mana descended from the sky and immediately its roots implanted themselves into the bodies of the soldiers and started sucking the mana and life force out of them.


"What's this thing?!"

"Get it off me!!"

Cries filled with pain and fear came from. The soldier's side as Sekke just stared at Xander who was looking at Sekke with a disgusted look on his face.

Sekke smirked in response and gave a middle finger to the explosion magic user.

The giant tree soon started to glow and multiple fruits started forming on the tree.

Once Sekke made sure that the soldiers were dead he deactivated the mana zone and immediately the fruits started to fly towards him.

[Bronze Magic: Safe of Eternity- Gate]

A gate made of mana that led to his safe appeared and soon the fruits were sucked inside of it.

"So? Do you have any more tricks or shall we start your beat-up session once you come here?" asked Sekke in a provocative tone.

"Y-You!!!" yelled Xander but his holographic image immediately disappeared and in his place, a new holographic man appeared.

"Stand down you bitch, squads 10, 9, and 8 are dead. It's my chance now. As for you, the human with the dragon soul. Don't be in a hurry, it's just the beginning. Why not take on some opponents of your size...or even better size bigger than yours." said the man with a smirk and immediately Sekke's mana and ki standing started giving him warnings.

Sekke looked up at the sky and soon spotted multiple huge objects just above him.

"Oh f*ck."

And immediately the huge object fell on Sekke.

"Get squished like a bug!!" laughed Ryan.

"Who are you calling a bug asshole?"


The holographic Ryan stopped laughing and looked at Sekke once again who was standing there holding the object above him without much difficulty.

"How?! You are just a human!! They are weak!!"

"Ever heard of grind?" asked Sekke and threw the thing that he was carrying away from him as he started to feel movements from it.

"So you are a but strong. So what? Be prepared to fight my squad. A squad made to crush and annihilate. A squad made solely of giants!"

As soon as Ryan announced that, the giant boulder-like things started showing movements as well, and out of nowhere the one that Sekke had thrown away earlier formed a hand and punched the dark lord away sending him crashing through multiple walls.

Sekke who already perceived some of its movements protected his body with his hands but still had a frown on his face.

'These things are strong and fast.' thought Sekke as he finally stopped crashing through the walls and stood up from the rubble.

"Well, time to return the favor," said Sekke as his body started to swell.

Meanwhile, the rest of the boulder-like objects also started transforming and now multiple giants around 10m tall were present all around the ruins ready to attack.

"Haha! Did you see that Xander?!?! That's the difference between my squad and your squad!! See how he got swatted away like a bug!!" exclaimed Ryan.

Xander glared at Ryan and snorted in annoyance.

"Don't celebrate just yet. I don't think that he is dead just yet," said Xena.

"Hah, don't worry. He will die soon. Hey you all, show the human the might of the giants!!!" ordered the holographic Ryan.

"As you command Captain Ryan!!" replied all the giants in unison and started moving towards the place where Sekke was punched away.

But while moving they soon started spotting their comrades being sent flying in the opposite direction.



Hearing the roar the giant soldiers stopped and looked toward the source of the noise and soon spotted a slightly bigger dark-skinned humanoid figure running toward them with an angry look on their faces.

Soon the humanoid figure stopped in front of the giant that punched Sekke earlier and charged energy in his legs before jumping up like a spring and sending the giant flying.

"You big. Fall Harder." said the burly human in a broken speech before he glanced at the rest of the giants.

"Look down. I destroy." said the berserker in a cold tone.

"What are you waiting for?! Attack!!!" yelled Ryan immediately making the giants snap out of their trance after seeing one of their brethren being sent flying.

However, it was too late for them as the berserker Sekke was already on the move.

Before any giant could make a move the berserker was already in front of them with his fist clenched.

Not even thinking twice Sekke punched the closest giant in the face sending the giant flying toward the other giants toppling many of them in a single attack.

"Next," ordered Sekke as he landed on the ground making a small dust cloud below him, and glared at the rest of the giants with a provocative gaze.

The giants being the muscle-brained idiots, immediately fell for the provocation and charged toward the burly dark-skinned bug.

Berserker Sekke smirked and roared back at the incoming giants and immediately jumped toward the enemies starting a brutal one-man army attack on the giants 5 times his size.

"Oh, so this is the mighty giants of Squad 5 getting demolished by a single human in close combat and brute strength. Remind me again Sister Xena but aren't giants supposed to be physically unrivalled?" asked Xander in a mocking tone.

Ryan who clearly heard those words ground his teeth in anger.

"Attack him together you morons!!! Use some of your brains!!!" yelled the holographic Ryan.

The giants who were yet to be defeated immediately took distance from Sekke and started charging their magic.

[Earth Magic: Tectonic Fury]

[Earth Magic: Mother Earth's Crushing Embrace]

[Combination Magic: Continental Crush]

Being members of the giant clan of the land of death all of them had a few traits in common, their heights that gave them pure brute strength and earth magic that they were adept at using from birth.

Sekke who was in the middle of the remaining giants was surrounded by fissures coming from all sides, his body was currently trapped inside earth spikes which were further wrapped with various earthly materials completely blocking his movements, and to top it all of a combination of magic made up of mana of multiple giants was approaching him from the sky in the form of a meteorite.

Seeing the scene Ryan smirked and so did the giants. Xander frowned seeing Squad 5 overwhelming Sekke when their squads were easily annihilated.

The other squad captains whose squads were annihilated also felt a bit complex but they were not showing open aggression to Ryan.

Sekke looked at the incoming meteor and then at his body which was pierced with various spikes and trapped in strong restraining magic.

'They're really trying hard...well gotta reward these bastards.' thought Sekke and deactivated his berserk form.

Seeing the human turn back to his human form Ryan and the giants smirked and the giants immediately tightened the restraint to fit Sekke's size.

"Don't think that you can escape by changing your size, human."

"Really?" asked Sekke with a smirk.

"Challenge accepted," replied Sekke as mana gathered in his body and started glowing.

[Bronze Magic: Bronze Body- Titan]

Soon Sekke's size started increasing and mana roared out of his body sending the earth, spikes, and giants flying.

Soon a humanoid figure twice the size of the giants stood before them looking down at them with a smirk.

"My other half, the meteor." reminded Vritra.

Without even looking at the giant rock Sekke raised his hand that started glowing.

[Bronze Magic: Giga Drill Break]

A giant drill formed above his hand and drilled through the meteor destroying it in an instant.

Seeing the scene the giants had their mouths wide open and the captains were having the same reaction.

"Hey, puny shits!!" called the titan as he looked at the giants below him.

"Y-Yes?" asked one of the brave giants hesitatingly.

"Every played wack a mole?" asked Sekke as a war hammer with spikes on its head formed in his hand.

"H-Huh?" and immediately a giant got crushed under a hammer.

"It's fun, right?" asked the metallic titan in a cheerful voice, but for some reason the giants felt a shiver run down their spine.