Black clover: Reincarnating as the strongest character

Dying and meeting a being who made him his new brother and promised to reincarnate him into the body of the strongest person of that world, what could go wrong with this right?....Well let's see how our protagonist deals with this when he finds himself inside a body that is destined to be strongest, which he will achieve no matter what. P.S.: It's not a serious story just a light read like a casual fanific about a guy reincarnating into Black Clover with some wishes.

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164 Chs

Training with Vritra 2

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The night soon came as the dark lord was still in the middle of his training.

Secre looked at her partner with worry evident in her eyes, she knew that Sekke was an idiot and did all sorts of weird and dangerous stuff to get stronger, but the current Sekke was scaring even her.

Sekke who was done depleting his mana reserve for the 9th time in a day fell on his knees and started panting heavily.

After his breathing stabilized, he looked around him to take in the scenery that he created.

'Is it just me or I covered more area this time?"

"No, your reserves are increasing as well. Since the training started your reserves went up by 5-6% which might not seem much but considering your already huge mana pool that's a considerable amount. By the way, your current output is at 27%" said Vritra.

Sekke sighed and then sat down on the ground and touched the hardened bronze ground below him.

"I can't even feel my hands now. Why am I using this kind of spell when I can use better spells?" asked Sekke.

"This is the spell that gives the least output out of all your spells. So it's easier to map out the progress. Not to mention once the output of this spell reaches a higher value the output of other spells will increase automatically." explained Vritra.

Nodding Sekke looked at his own body only to find himself covered im blood, not his but of the monsters that came to attack him.

Looking towards the side where a pile of monster bodies lays lifeless, Sekke stood up and walked towards them.

"Hmm, there are some good ones, I will give some of them to Charmy-san. The others can be sold," said Sekke as he started absorbing mana using his sacred gear once again.

Once he got back some sizeable mana back he opened his storage and tossed the monsters in a separate space and then closed it before opening another space that looked more like a room.

He then looked towards Secre and said, "Secre let's go."

Seeing that Sekke finally stopped, she sighed and then followed her partner and got inside the safe.

Once both of them got inside the safe's gate closed and the safe disappeared from the desert.


Once he was inside Sekke took off his dirty and blood-covered clothes and tossed them to the side.

Secre, whom Sekke most probably forgot was still there in the room, was looking at Sekke's naked body without even blinking.

'I am just checking if he has any injuries.' thought Secre as she tried to justify herself.

Sekke I'm the other hand looked at his hands which were paler than the rest of his body as he couldn't feel his hands.

"Don't worry this world may be different but mana concepts of this world are mostly similar to my own. Your hands will be back to normal after a while," said Vritra as if reassuring his host.

Sekke just nodded at the dragon's words as he picked up pair of clean clothes and walked towards the bathroom which was just another space that was connected to the space they were in.

After he was done washing himself and his blood-covered clothes, Sekke came out of the bathroom looking visibly refreshed.

Secre who was resting immediately flew and landed on his shoulders making the blond boy look at the anti-bird with a small smile on his face.

Walking towards another wall a transparent display appeared in front of Sekke as he fiddled with it.

Soon some food appeared out of nowhere. And landed on a table made of bronze beside him.

Looking at his hands once again Sekke noticed that some color came back but still it looked pale.

"Don't worry. It will get back to normal in due time," said Vritra.

But Sekke didn't reply to the dragon and just made a block to sit on as he and Secre started eating, it replenish their energy.

Once the two of them were done eating. Sekke looked back at his hands and remained silent and motionless.

He suddenly got so silent that even Sekke looked at him with confusion wondering what her partner was thinking.

But out of nowhere his grimoire which was lying somewhere else came flying towards him and started flipping.

[Time Debuff Magic: Fast forward]

A bright light came out of Sekke's hand but nothing significant happened which made Secre confused.

"4x" muttered Sekke and it was now that Secre and Sekke noticed his hand color visibly change.

Soon his hands were back to normal and Sekke stopped using his spell. He moved his hands around and soon smiled. He could finally feel his hands and there was no pain left in them.

Write who was watching from inside him was speeches. He never knew that his host had such a spell, and was about to ask him.

But before he was able to Sekke's grimoire started flipping once again.

[Time Debuff Magic: Fast forward 8x]

And just like before a glow enveloped his body as Sekke's actions became visibly faster for those seeing him.

Sekke smiled and in an instant over to the bed and lay down.

[Debuff Magic: Sleep]

In an instant, Sekke fell asleep leaving behind a speechless Secre and Vritra.

'...This bastard...' were the thoughts that the dragon and the bird shared as they soon understood what the blond boy was planning.

And just like the two assumed, Sekke woke up an hour later refreshed and full of energy, though his mana didn't recover as he was using magic all this time.

Deactivating his magic Sekke stretched his body and got ready to grind.

"You are a crazy man," commented Vritra.

'Should have thought that before provoking the dark lord.' replied Sekke as he got ready to go out.

Secre sighed seeing her partner already going out to train and flew towards him.

Seeing the anti-bird coming towards him Sekke gave a wry smile as he realized the Secre hadn't rested enough.

He patted the bird's head and asked her to wait here and rest only for Secre to shake her head in denial.

Sighing at her antics, Sekke just gestured for her to sit in her pocket to which the bird immediately agreed.

"Just sleep for a while alright?" said Sekke softly as he got back to the desert and started the grind once again.