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Romance, Drama. This story is about 2 Billionaire Brothers and 2 Billionaire sisters. Samantha Julie and Alexi Julie are both sisters and Self-made Billionaires. They worked so hard to reach where they are now. They both lost faith in love because of their tragic past. The girls only have one dream that is to keep their parents happy no matter what! Johnson Davis and Martin Davis and both Step-brothers and billionaires from birth. But, they love each other as their own brothers. They have everything they want and handed to them on a silver plate. Either it may be Money, fame, power, or girls you name it they have it but they lack one thing in there life which is a happy family. The boys only have one dream, to make their own happy family's. What will happen when the Billionaire Brother crosses the Billionaire sister's path?? Of course, the boys will fall in love but what about the girls? The girls are away from love because of there past and thinking that love is not their cup of tea. Will the boys be able to make the girls there and make them love them? Or will things change the boy's mindsets and their love towards the girls? Can boys able to get the love of their lives and can make a happy family? What are the struggles, hardships they went through in their Love story? And what are the deep secrets which make the girls think that love is not for them? To find out read BILLIONAIRE'S LOVE. A Romantic Drama with some tragic incidents which will entertain you guys... THIS WORK IS PURELY FICTIONAL! I don't own the cover. All the credits goes to the creator... I just took it out from Pinterest. Join me on my Discord server. https://discord.gg/WgYSNK or Instagram: payalsingh_2608

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