13 Give Me All Her Information within A Minute!

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She was supposed to go to Class One, which was an Ace class, but for some reason, she was asked to wait in the lounge outside the vice principal's office.

With nothing to do, she took out the spice recipe that Yi Juncheng had given her and studied it.

This recipe that even a master would need at least three days to study was memorized thoroughly by her in only a short while.

At this time, the vice principal came out with a young woman. "Sheng Yang, let me introduce you. Starting today, you will be a student in Class 7, and this is the class teacher, Ms. Chen Lan. She's a very good teacher."

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After saying this, the vice principal was a bit embarrassed. They told Sheng Yang that she would go to Class One but now it was Class Seven. He was worried she might feel annoyed.

But to his surprise, Sheng Yang accepted it very calmly. "Hi, Ms. Chen."

In her opinion, there was no difference between being number one in Class 7 or Class 1.

The vice-principal secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Sure enough, this girl had lived a different life than the other rich kids here at the school. She just swallowed the insult.


In the classroom of Class One.

"She was kicked out of our class by Ms. Li on the first day of school. There must be something wrong with her."

"Mr. Sheng took her to school, not Mrs. Sheng. Tsk, it seems the rumors are true."

Upon hearing this gossip, Sheng Yue breathed a sigh of relief. She didn't want to be in the same class as Sheng Yang because then she would no longer be the only "Miss Sheng", which would drive her mad.

Rolling her eyes, Sheng Yue stood up gracefully and straightened her skirt before she picked up a book and walked to a tall boy. "Han Jingyu, can I discuss this math problem with you?"

The moment she leaned slightly, her black and shiny hair fell. She tucked her hair behind her ears and her clear, bright eyes looked at the boy sitting at the table in front of her with a beautiful smile hovering on her lips.

In her eyes, Han Jingyu was good enough to be her boyfriend. He looked handsome and had a good family background, good grades, and a bright future.

The boy had a buzz cut. His features were chiseled and his dark eyes were clear and calm. He glanced at the book in her hand and said, "OK."

Several boys and girls not far away watched quietly and whispered.

"They really make a good couple."

"Yes, a pretty girl and a smart boy."

"No, I think they're both good-looking and smart."

"Oh, with such a dumb haircut, he still looks so handsome! It turns out handsome guys can rock any haircut. I can't imagine how ugly I'd look if I had this haircut."

"Huh? Why is Han Jingyu willing to discuss math problems with Sheng Yue? When I asked him to do the same, he just ignored me!"

"Haha, you're so dumb, so it'd take him at least half an hour to explain the problems to you, while Sheng Yue is so smart and only needs a little help to understand. Han Jingyu certainly knows which one to help."

Upon hearing all this clearly, Sheng Yue smiled even more sweetly at Han Jingyu.

At this time:

"Oh my god!" Someone suddenly yelled, and the discussions about Sheng Yue and Han Jingyu stopped abruptly.

"She's f*cking hot!"

"Who is that girl? Give me all her details in the next minute!"

"I haven't seen her before. How could I not know this beauty if she's at our school?"

Distracted, Sheng Yue looked up and glanced out of the window.

At this time, Sheng Yang happened to walk past Class 1 behind Mr. Chen Lan.

Her school uniform hadn't been issued to her yet and she was wearing a JK uniform, which Kang Weizhen had customized for her from a famous designer. In that suit, her legs looked exceptionally straight and long, very attractive.

Her shoulders were well-shaped, her collarbone was exquisite, and her face was beautiful. She had a touch of aloofness that would make men fall in love with her at first sight. She looked just like a fairy who had fallen from the sky.

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