Between Virgo and Pisces | BTS RM and Yoongi ff
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Between Virgo and Pisces | BTS RM and Yoongi ff


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What is Between Virgo and Pisces | BTS RM and Yoongi ff

Between Virgo and Pisces | BTS RM and Yoongi ff is a popular fanfic written by the author JoonieXInfinity, covering Music & Bands genres. It's viewed by 47.5K readers . The novel is being serialized to 20 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


BTS AU Living in the world where everyone is born with a phantom white string on their right ring finger. The string connects to a person's soulmate. Soulmates are life bonded which means that once found, they would need to be together for them to live. They will need each other's presence for their life force to be complete. There are people who are born with more than 1 soulmate. In these cases, as long as one soulmate is around, the person will survive. The string turns red on First Sight. First Sight - First time you and your soulmate locks eyes with each other. Signs for First Sight will manifest few minutes or few hours after First Sight. Once the string turns red, soulmates will have a certain time limit to achieve First Touch. First Touch requires for them to lock hands with each other. Until First Touch is achieved, the string will start turning black little by little. This will also mean a person's life force being in danger and getting drained. If the string turns total black, the person will die. The length of time needed for one to achieve First Touch varies. The effects of not being able to find your soulmate may also vary. Some will simply be more tired as they are losing life force. In some extreme cases, the body may start declining food and other people may start feeling cold to the touch. Once First Touch is achieved, soulmates will have their names appear on their napes in a tint of gold. Not everyone will experience First Sight and not everyone who goes through First Sight, experiences First Touch.

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