Between Dimensions Book

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Between Dimensions


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Set in a futuristic world, Ashley, a normal high-school girl is a cold person beside her siblings and is living peacefully as commoners. She always hold on to her dreams to have an access or an authority to go in any of the four dimension divided in this futuristic world. But, as a common people, she could only enter the two of it. Everything starts to go out of control and unexpected when a new guy got enrolled in the same school as her. She's starting to get suspicious of where exactly her family come from and what exactly her family is when she could communicate with a stranger through an old rare gadget she get from her late grandfather. Then, why suddenly the technology starts to being abnormal? Why is one of the dimension's being intrude? And the most weird of all, why Ashley needs to be involved? Side note: Do read the explanation about the story first before you go through the novel, to prevent confusion:) I'm still improvising this story so it may be a bit confusing. I hope you guys like it and give a comment so that I could improvise it to be better!