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Bet is bet


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What is Bet is bet

Bet is bet is a popular web novel written by the author Jo_J, covering FRIENDSHIP, ROMANCE, LIFE, FRIENDS, EXPERIENCE, EMOTION, PASSION, MODERNSTORY, CONTEMPORARYSTORY, LOVE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 23.4K readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 102 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 9 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


After many years of chasing her dreams she decided to stop being a perfectionist, to stop trying to be the very best in everything she does. Jo decided to put her big dreams aside for a little while. She decided to live life to the fullest and forget about perfection. After all, nobody is perfect. Jo needed to reset and she planned to do this far away from her normal, everyday life. She took a few days off and decided to visit friends, most of whom she hadn't see for years. That's when the trouble began.

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Update from Author: Thank you for your time spent with my story! Thanks for all collections, power stones, comments, suggestions, etc... If you see an error don't be afraid to point it. I still don't have an editor ;) Happy New Year to ALL!


Awesome Book !!! The novel has a good plot and is promising. I love the pacing of the novel and the way writer writes the story. The writer is successful in appealing to the readers . At last the novel is nice and will desperately wait for the next chapters to come . And hope that the writer will continue this awesome work and will evolve even more with time . Mine best wishes are always with you .[img=recommend][img=recommend]


While I'm not a fan of this type of stories but I enjoyed this one. I like how slow it is, it goes well with the bet they have deal with in a year. It gives a lot of time for many things to happen and I'll admit I'm a little curious about it. I don't know if the author knows that much about European history or you had to research it but it's a pretty good inclusion in the story. The writing quality is great and aside from minor mistakes in spelling or grammar I can't say much about it. Overall it's a great read


Great story, I'm not fan of this genre but I like your Story, it has lot of potential. The only thing I can say I don't like would be how shorter some chapters are. We need a lot of chapters asap. Good chance and keep up. I've sent few stones as encouragement. More, more chapters..


ssfx3yuchens here with honest review. Honestly I have to say I am quite taken with this story, it is relaxing and easy to read and understand, and the pacing is good. I enjoyed it a lot. In overall, there are a few noticeable grammatical errors in the beginning, but other than that, it's really good. The plotline looks promising[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Thank you guys for your comments, suggestions and encouragement! I will correct all errors asap... and first of all thank you for your time spent with my story. I'll think about the cover... :)


I enjoyed reading the story very much. It's a slow burn. Totally worth it. I love how everything started with just a few people getting drunk reminds me of why I should stay away from alcohol😆


The story seems fun. What i really liked about was there is a part of it which i could relate to. Trying to be perfect all the time. The Author has narrated the story in a way that any one connect to it easily. Nice work Author.👍


The concept is unique and one of a kind, I must say. The story plot is different compared to all the novels on this platform. I am hoping to see many chapters in the future. Cheers! Happy writing!


Hey dear Author! Your story itself with the name is quite enticing. The story seems fun and in the end with the chapters, I felt being quite hooked, The pacing of the story is well and I wish the author all the best for the work!


I love everything about this book, the plot, the characters,the idea .. Exactly everything, can't help but wait for the next chapter [img=update]


You know what you want to write, but the issue is grammar and incomplete sentences. I think you publish without editing them? Write and post? That's totally fine, but sometimes reading your story out loud helps with editing. If it doesn't roll off the tongue smoothly, then change it. Besides that, I think you're good. The idea and the thought are there for the readers to recreate and reimagine. Just keep writing and you'll improve. I was like you when I started since English wasn't my native language. Good luck to you!


I like how the plot line of the novel. From the first few paragraphs the reader was able to see the promise of the promise and what is expected in the rest of the novel. Not many writers do that here. So, I'm impressed. Great story.


Well, I don't usually read the story with this genre but this story seems interesting. I like the flow of the story and the way the author has introduced the character. Keep up the good work author.


This novel is impressive. It has a very engaging writing style. Also the story line appears to be fascinating too. Character interactions have been portrayed very nicely. And the FL was fun to read including other characters. Keep up the good work author!


to be honest i have grown a tad bit dull on romances since many stories died because of it, but this is actually pretty darn good the start got me a good laugh.


I like the story... It is well written and easy to understand. It makes me want to travel to all those wonderful places... If you could change the synopsis and make it something more interesting, I'm sure your book will get more reviews !! My honest review - I very much liked it... And I want to continue with the reading... Please continue with your updates :) :) Good Luck !! :)


At first, I wasn't sure where this was going but as I kept on reading, I found myself very much interested. Well thought out and put together. Definitely give it a shot.


This story is different in a good context. I find it interesting. The plot in intriguing, characters seem well thought out and the flow is also good.


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