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Chapter 4 Two Year Training And Departure

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As Sin began to get settled in his new home in the cave, he thought about his food and water situation, well mainly his water situation because Sin could just get fish from the huge lake in the center of the mountain range.

"I can drink the water from the lake, but I don't want to get sick so I'll need to find some clay. So I can make pots."

Luckily I know what clay looks like, clay is usually found in areas where streams and rivers once flowed. Now I just have to find clay to make some pots. I said that I said began making my way back to the lake.

Two hours later

I made my way to the shallow part of the lake then I began searching for clay. It took over an hour but I finally found some, I grabbed as much of it as I could been headed back to the edge of the lake, with that I began shaping the clay i had into two pots once I was done shaping it I let it out to dry in the Sun. "It'll take at least 8 hours to dry, man that long as hell."

I said to myself as I began heading back to the cave I'll come back tomorrow.

Back at the Cave

Sin could be seen resting in his cave.

"Man, I haven't been able to drink any water since I got here, I'm so thirsty." I have to save my energy for tomorrow, hopefully that clay is dry by then. I'm not taking the risk by drinking unclean water, I can't get sick in this situation.

The Next Day

"Damn, I'm so thirsty I basically did nothing yesterday. I need that clay to be dry once I get there." I made my way through the Sea of forest trees until I got to the Lake. I touched the clay and slaw that it was properly dry.

With that a began to make a campfire, it took while rubbing the wood together, but I finally had a campfire. I pick up one of the clay pot then went over the lake and put water inside it and finally beside the campfire. I waited until the water came to a boil,taking it off the campfire and letting it cool down. And finally getting some water after four days.

Drinking all the water in the clay pot, once I was done drinking it, I filled the two clay pots up with water and put them over the fire.

Now that I had some water I began doing some training push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and swinging my katana, I did as much as I could, then I ran and ran until I couldn't anymore. My body was still to weak to use Sun Breathing, I could feel it. I needed to keep on training until I could do it, with that Sin continued to train until it was sunset, once he was done he cooked his fish and drink all his water that were in the two clay pots. Sin then began headed back to his cave.

Back at the Cave

"Man, all my muscles are sore, I need to devise a training plan I can't keep on training aimlessly." I said to myself as I lay down on the ground in my cave inside my makeshift tent. "For five days I do exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, squats, Pull-Ups, running and Swinging my katana as much as i can, then two days of resting for my body."

Sin said to himself as he drifted off into a deep slumber. I continued to train as best as I could, marking the days until eventually a whole year had passed.

One year later

A year had passed still I came to this world and began my training, I can feel my body getting stronger, each day all I do is train, I can feel how close I am to doing Sun Breathing. I need to work even harder, with that Sin began training even harder then he was before. Eventually Sin lost himself in Training, and another year came to pass.

Another year later

On a mountain top there can be seen a young youthful 14 year old child that was focused on the huge Boulder in front of him, he got into his stance.This was none other then Sin, he had train hard and his body could now do Sun Breathing.

*Breath In*










*Breath Out*

Anyone who would have seen what had just happened, they would have call this young boy superhuman.

"I'll finally did it." Sin said with a smile, the huge Boulder was now spilt in half.

I began to look at my clothes, the only two pieces of clothing I had were ripped. I really did need some new clothes. With that Sin made his way down the mountain and into the cave, as he lay down in the makeshift tent he thought to himself."Has it really been Two Years already? Man, I really need human Interaction, which way should I go tomorrow? It's my last day in this cave."

I began to Reminisce about my time in this mountain range, since I first got here I did nothing but train. Even though I know this world is full of literal demon, I know it has the capacity to be beautiful and peaceful. But for it to be peaceful I need to stop the Godhand.

Sin though about that as he fell into a deep sleep.

The Next Day

As I slowly got off the ground, and look around I saw a bag and a note beside the campfire. "After two year, you finally respond God?" I began reading the note first.

"From God

I'm writing you this because I know you're planning on leaving today and because I'll made a mistake when I first placed you here I was supposed to give you a starter pack but I forgot . So take whatever I have placed into this bag."





"That fucker, I'll almost die because of how thirsty I was."

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Next I open the bag, in it was a red haori, black hakama pants, orange kimono and black boots. At the bottom of the bag was a map and a waterskin to hold water with 100 silver coins.

"Well, I did need some new clothes. So I'll forgive you, plus I just got a free bag and money. "

Next I began looking at the map, and I notice that there is a big city to the east. I began heading to the lake, and take a bath then put on the new clothes with my katana on the right of my hip.

I put the bag over my shoulder and begin heading east.

Three hours later

Sin could be seen on a mountain looking down on the place he had spent two year in, that was the start of his new journey into the world killing.

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