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Being Ordinary


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When Famous idol and actor Good comes back to Thailand after being abroad for two years. Good is given an ultimatum by his agency he has 60 days to write a new hit album, or the company is going with newer talent. They don’t need a washed-up celebrity returning if he can’t do it then they don’t need him. Concerned for his job and desperate to not give up on music, his first and only love. He realizes as he works, the deeper he goes into his rut the more cluttered and disorganized his life is becoming. In a fit of inspiration fueled by desperate need, he puts out a wanted ad for help. Because of a simple error, he is shocked to find five guys show up at his house the next day.   He had meant for it to be, one girl to be exact. But now he has five guys and somehow they sucker him into hiring them all as live in staff. Little did he know they would all be his saving grace. His muses, and his only hope. Pairings GoodxPlan NightxTime BaixOne


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