Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life
novel - Contemporary Romance

Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life

A Bit of Mountains and Rivers

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What is Newlyweds 1001 Nights: Mr. Bo’s Love Life

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“Keep it in your mouth... Swallow it... Baby, be good...“ “No... it’s very bitter...” He feeds the sickly young girl with some medicine, as gently as he can. Unfortunately, she pouts and refuses to give in. ... After being reborn as a 17-year-old, Luo Zheng seeks for Mr. CEO to repay his kindness. However, being too careless... she ends up being duped into marrying him, thus becoming Mrs. Bo! 'What happened to the sham marriage that we agreed on?' “Be good, let me kiss you, just once.” “Be good, you must listen to me. I’ll pamper you.” “Be good, stay away from him. I don’t like it.” ...... Finally, she loses her temper and pushes him away while protesting, “Bo Hancheng, you jerk. I don’t want to repay you for your kindness anymore, I want a divorce!” “Be good and stop throwing a tantrum. Divorce doesn’t exist in my dictionary, only... a deceased spouse does.” Resolute and ruthless, his hands are stained with blood; he’s cold and unfeeling... He carefully retracts his talon-like hands and gently pulls her back to him. He decides to shower her with all his love and he swears to pamper his wife to bits!

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I like the book , the plot was good , the story line is good...... The characters are amazing...... Nd i just like the novel its amazing......


It is a rebirth novel..with yet another take on the overused genre....it reeks of cliche plot and face-slapping, but I like it....till now, the FL seems to be the one chasing the ML...and they seem to have met once before he died, which was very interesting to me...I have lots of expectations from this unusual rebirth story....lots of love... recommending it!


I really like this novel. I hope it keeps updating. Female character is interesting and quirky. The story is still fleshing out all characters but so far so good.


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She had died once but she still hasn't learned anything. Chasing after a guy closing eyes again. Didn't she have any self-respect? How could she make the same mistake again?


Frustrating. The Female lead is insensible. The story is too dragging. It's taxing to read. Character build up is too slow. It's infuriating actually. Definitely,will drop this one.


This is the most stupid FL after rebirth, she is reckeless, still crazy-boy it's just she change the target from xi mubai to bo hancheng, the progress is too slow and i don't like the ML (he almost have sex with enemy girl mu nianqiang, he already do most of the thing except intercourse, so big no no)


Why does the main female character have to be so stupid to the extreme? It's almost like the authir hates women by the way she's portrayed as a mindless dimwit with no regards at all as to how embarrassing she is to the men she claims to like. It's so over the top ridiculous. I only keep reading in hopes she'll get a clue and actually learn some self dignity and restraint. The editing is not very good. Typos, inconsistent story lines, and getting character names wrong throughout the chapters so far. 70 some chapters in and still no background on just WHY the Mus and the Luos hate each other. Just a lot of hate and childishness from most all of the characters. I can't root for the main relationship yet because I feel totally sorry for the main male lead, the only character I'm liking, so fat.


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The worst rebirth story i read in web novel.it will depress you. Mc is useless and ml is worst scum bag. He not trust her. Every time he doubt her and he is not powerful as i think.


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I'm gonna be honest and say this novel was not my cup of tea. From the extreme second hand embarrassment to the numerous misunderstandings, I kinda struggled to keep going. I actually ended up skipping some and picking up later in the MTL version. Character wise, I personally prefer a strong mc or at least a competent one that will try to improve themselves. To me, the FL felt childish more than innocent and I personally don't really like that. Now, if you do like that or don't mind, more power to you. Next was the misunderstandings. I was just completely getting frustrated. They never TALKED! Honestly, they hardly even tried to explain or if they did it was super unclear or just straight up ignored. Now maybe I just happened to find all the sections that were like this, but I read at least 200 chapters or close to it so I don't really feel uncertain about it... However, to All the people that love this novel, I'm glad you found a book you like, this is just my opinion. If you read all this, great job! 😁


A idiot girl is reincarnated and become a vengeful idiot girl. The idiocy of the mc is extremely bothering. A reincarnated 30y old acting like a 14y old.... Can be hilarious for those that like this style.


This book is not good the character development is fvcking ****, don't waste your time reading this. For the past 300 chaps that I read the MC is fvcking fool pwehh. DON'T READ THIS SH!T.


I'm loving it so far. I hope the ml and fl are loving and trusting to each other through out the whole journey.. Waiting for it be chosen soon.....


This novel has the worst ML in the history of webnovels. FL is stupid to go to extreme just to repay the kindness of ML by embarrassing her own self infront of everyone. ML is so selfish to think whatever he do is right without taking in consideration FL's feelings and point of view. This is the only novel where i really hope FL should not end up with ML because he dont deserve her.


Slow and dragging story. Plot actually good but every chpter gets frustrating one aftr d other. So many misunderstng. Fl too stupid.. 👎👎👎


Honestly the FL is annoying and she’s clingy!!! No character development with FL based on what I’ve read.


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Who is the real ML of this story. Why is it I prefer Xi Mubai than Bo Hancheng to be Luo Zheng's boyfriend. I like this story because of the twistm


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