1 Travel into the Book

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It was quite windy on the rooftop.

Qu Xiao retreated to the edge of the building with tears in her eyes. She was terrified. "Don't come over ... "

There was a man in a black suit, who was sitting in a wheelchair in front of her. He was surrounded by quite a few bodyguards. The man had a perfectly handsome face. He looked indifferent as if nothing was worth his attention.

"Qu Xiao, how many times have you betrayed me after marrying me?" The man's voice was very gentle.

Qu Xiao, on the other hand, trembled in fear. She even knelt down and begged, "Shang Yan, I'm sorry. Please let me go! You know that I didn't marry you willingly. The one I'm in love with is Ling Chi."

"That's why you stole the information of my company for him?" Shang Yan asked.

Qu Xiao recalled the rumors between the servants. Not like the way he looked, this man in the wheelchair was indeed rather cold and cruel.

She gritted her teeth and mustered up all her courage, saying, "Shang Yan, let's get a divorce! I'm begging you!"

Then, Qu Xiao took out the knife that she had long prepared and pointed it at herself. "If you don't agree, I'll die here!"

Shang Yan frowned as his voice turned cold. "Who told you to do this?"

Qu Xiao was not the kind of person who had the guts to threaten him.

He went forward in his wheelchair as he said, "Give me the knife."

"No one told me. Don't come over! Ah ... Stop!"

Qu Xiao was so scared that she screamed. Unconsciously, she exerted force in her hand. With a poof, the blade pierced into her waist. "Ah ... "

Warm blood kept flowing out. Before she lost consciousness, Qu Xiao thought blankly, "Isn't it a fake knife?"

Her younger sister, Qu Qi, gave her this knife and told her it was just a bluff.

Could it be that ... Qu Qi had lied to her?


"Sob ... Shang Yan, please don't blame her. She risked her life to divorce you just because she loves Ling Chi so much ... "

It was so noisy.

Who was so noisy in the morning?

As Qu Xiao gradually regained consciousness, she felt annoyed and wanted to shout and stop it, but her waist and abdomen were in pain, and her throat was dry. The sound she could make was as weak as a kitten.

Her head ached, and a lot of memories that did not belong to her gushed out.

She was a genius doctor in the new era. Usually, she would never allow herself to be sick or injured. Why was she so weak now?

"Qu Xiao, you're awake? Thank God you're fine!"

"Why did you do such a silly thing? Shang Yan is a reasonable person. Tell him about your feelings for Ling Chi, and he will definitely agree to the divorce. You don't have to kill yourself!"

Ling Chi?

This name sounded a little familiar.

Qu Xiao suddenly remembered that she was reading romantic fiction last night. Ling Chi was the man in the book who was in love with the cruel CEO's wife.

And the stupid wife happened to have the same name as her. She was also called Qu Xiao.

Could it be that she had become the leading character in the fiction?

Qu Xiao suddenly opened her eyes.

What greeted her eyes was a beautiful face that matched the description by the author of the fiction. It was Qu Qi, Qu Xiao's sister in the book.

So ... It was true. Qu Xiao had traveled into the book!

Qu Qi's face was full of hypocritical concern. "My dear sister, don't seek death anymore. Shang Yan has already agreed to divorce you!"

Qu Xiao swatted away Qu Qi's hand and said sarcastically, "Yeah, right! I'm going to divorce him. Are you satisfied now? You can marry your brother-in-law."

Qu Qi froze and asked, "What are you talking about?"

A sense of unease suddenly rose in her heart. "How did this fool become smart? Moreover, her gaze just now was cold and sharp, completely different from before." Qu Qi thought to herself.

Qu Xiao ignored her and silently recalled the plot.

In the fiction, Qu Xiao was the illegitimate daughter of the Qu family. After being brought back to the family, she was constantly bullied by the family members. Qu Qi was the most arrogant one among them.

When Qu Xiao was 20 years old, the Qu family forced Qu Xiao to fulfill the marriage contract with the Shang family. They did it because they were unwilling to marry their beloved daughter Qu Qi to the second son of the Shang family, who had crippled legs.

Qu Qi had planned to mock her, but she became jealous after finding out that Qu Xiao was doing well after her marriage.

She wanted to be Mrs. Shang, so she had encouraged Qu Xiao to pursue the man called Ling Chi in the book. She had also encouraged Qu Xiao to quarrel with Shang Yan and force him to divorce.

After Qu Xiao did it as she was told, Shang Yan finally agreed to the divorce.

When Qu Xiao was reading the novel, she had scolded this character for being stupid. However, she did not expect to become this woman in the book when she opened her eyes.

That was fate!

Just as Qu Xiao was feeling depressed, the sound of a wheelchair rolling on the ground suddenly came to her ears.

Then, she saw a pale and big hand.

There was a divorce agreement in the hand.

The man's voice was cold and low. "Sign it. From now on, your life has nothing to do with me."

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