Beauty After Quest OnlineBeauty After Quest Online

Beauty After Quest Online

by InsanelyParanoid

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*Every R-18 is done with a grown-up/adult/mature lady* *This is a work of fiction! Nothing is related to the reality! Even author's notes and thoughts! Any names, characters, stories or events, are fictitious!* The popular game that is like second reality where everything is possible has started! One year later, the young man enters the game himself! As others want to be popular heroes, strongest players and so on, Xuan Xuan aims to seek the beauties and their fluffiness! All he wants is the pleasure of their love and to be surrounded by beauties themselves! *This story doesn't encourage anyone to commit or force other to commit any actions which happened here. This is a fantasy solely for entertainment purposes!* *I don't own the cover! If you want me to take it down, then tell me* *Photo belongs to their respective owners. I have no right over this photo. All credits belong to the owner.*

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