46 Impress Him

"S-Senior Xie!" Zhong Yilan almost lost her calculated elegance when she stammered. But she regained her composure quickly and said, "That's so kind of you to motivate Yun Qing-er like this. If she ever gets to the level where she can challenge you, I'm sure she'll remember it and appreciate your encouragement!"

"I don't think that was meant as an encouragement," I retorted, not letting the perfect chance slip by. If Xie Lun was willing to accept a challenge from me, it would be not only an ideal solution to the talisman problem, but also a great opportunity for me to learn and improve. "If you can challenge him, Zhong Yilan, I don't see why I cannot."

Xie Lun gave me a half-amused, half-approving look. "I take that as an invitation," he said.

I nodded. "If I could have the honor, I'd like to challenge you first during the tournament."

"You can't!" Zhong Yilan exclaimed before Xie Lun replied. "You made a bet with me first!"

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