138 An Offering Fit for an Emperor

"You might also start seeing stronger effects from Twin Stars in other forms," Bai Ye said as he made room on the shelf for the new items. "Physically, for example. Its power suits your body well. Over time, it will help you look more radiant and energetic."

No wonder I saw those changes last time when he sat us down at the mirror. "Is that a benefit you had planned for?" I chuckled. "You waited long enough to tell me."

"Because you don't need it." He put the bait stone down next to the bunny lantern from Mid Autumn. "Neither do you need these—" he pointed at the blush I had picked that same night, "—though you might find it fun just to try a different look."

"I haven't tried it yet. Nor the cream we bought with it." I tilted my head. "Speaking of which … Do you know what its use is? I didn't understand what the woman selling it was trying to imply."

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