Batman: Reborn As Bruce Wayne

Author: Chance_No
Martial Arts
Ongoing · 174.5K Views
  • 10 Chs
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  • NO.200+

What is Batman: Reborn As Bruce Wayne

Read ‘Batman: Reborn As Bruce Wayne’ Online for Free, written by the author Chance_No, This book is a Martial Arts Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, REINCARNATION Light Novel, HAREM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Bruce was reincarnated as Bruce Wayne in a new DC Universe. Can he stop fate in a world that doesn't follow canon.WARNIN...


Bruce was reincarnated as Bruce Wayne in a new DC Universe. Can he stop fate in a world that doesn't follow canon. WARNING: CAN'T PROMISE STABLE UPDATES! EXPECT MASS UPDATES ONE DAY OUT OF A MONTH!! I WRITE FOR FUN AND WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A STORY!!!

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Milena_Silva_8937 · Fantasy
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1 Chs


Disclaimer : This is a work of pure fiction, so please don't take anything too seriously. And it will have a little of mature things here and there. So if you don't like any of this please don't read this book. Cr. for the picture goes to the rightful owner. I just edited it into a poster. Mingyu top Wonwoo bottom Three. Two. One. That was all it took for Mingyu to fall in love. Wonwoo turned around to find a guy who was a little taller than him standing in front of him with a rose in his hand. Mingyu stared at the person in front of him. " For you ". He gave the rose with a smile. Wonwoo was confused. He took the rose and looked up at Mingyu. " You are really good looking hyung ". He smiled and walked away. Wonwoo shrugged and walked away. Mingyu turned and smiled at the back walking away from him. From then on, after a few encounters which seemed like destiny to Mingyu, he decided to go after Wonwoo. " Hyung, wait for me. Let's go together ". " Hyung, why are you so good looking ? Hurts my eyes ". " Hyung, I like you ". Wonwoo didn't know how to push away this guy who was as clingy as a puppy and wouldn't let him be. And at some point he did start liking the clingy puppy back. But he just didn't know if he can just like him. Mingyu takes a liking to Wonwoo right on their first encounter and couldn't take his eyes off of him since. He stubbornly starts courting him and little did he know that Wonwoo would also start falling for him.

MScPhysics · Celebrities
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79 Chs


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