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*credit of the cover goes to the rightful owner* It is a creation of my imagination and my dream pl00+ which can never be fulfilled..... I am an indian army.... so basically it is a story of an indian girl transferred to seoul,south korea due to a intercoutry program. Having a beautiful past here,now in the present she struggles with her past ,her present self and her work.... TIA,a beautiful girl with a beautiful brain.She was the epitome of beauty with brain. Naturally talented with many skills. she is shy when you dont know her but she is extrovert when you actually know her. The love -hate relationship between the maknae of BTS jungkook ,with jealousy ,love ,hurt,friendship,and of course~~~~CUTENESS.... Spending time with the the most famous boyband in the world who are down to earth like nobody,and gaining knowledge of the life with high IQ kim namjoon,handsome eomma kim seokjin,extra sunshine jung hoseok , our genius min yoongi ,cuteness overload kim taehyung ,caring ,hot mochi park jimin and last but not the least the male lead of tge novel golden maknae jeon jungkook......... Lets began the journey of being friends with BTS and jungkooks unexpected falling for the mosy unexpected girl............ xox0 saranghaeyo..........