81 Arriving At Punk Hazard

It had been 4 months until he could see the island of Punk Hazard.

Laxus had convinced Haredas to take Weatheria to Markland Island, but not before leaving Nami on the Sabaody Archipelago.

As for Van Augur, he had already left all the weapons on Markland Island where the Germa army was in charge of protecting them and starting the training of all the soldiers.

Therefore Laxus and Augur were in the direction of Punk Hazard.

During that time almost everyone who had been sent to hunt down a certain devil fruit user had arrived at Katahara's location, except for Rofta.

Rofta had accomplished his mission to capture the pirate captain Breed, and on his way back to the main crew he was ambushed by Vice Admirals Weber and Regis Dry, the brother vice admirals.

Laxus was tasked with rescuing Rofta and bringing Breed back alive at any cost.

Needless to say, Laxus takes 3 warships, to attack the G7 marine base located in the new world.

Laxus faced the Dry brothers and emerged victorious, although he did not kill them, he left them badly injured, with burns from black lightning, the entire marine base had been destroyed, all had been killed, and only the vice admirals were left alive .

Leaving a clear message, do not mess with the Raven King's crew.

Right now they were on the island of Punk Hazard.

On the coast of the frozen part.

Katahara: So where are they, Laxus.

Laxus: Rofta is being attended by Drust as for Breed, he is in the cells with Caribou.

Katahara: Bring Rofta.

Laxus made his way to the middle room where Rofta was, who had also fought his way out of the marine base.

Laxus takes Rofta to the location where the entire crew was.

Rofta: Captain.

Katahara: Looks like you had a good time in prison, while Laxus and the others rescued you...

Rofta: Captain, I did not expect that….

At that moment Laffitte appeared behind Rofta putting his Shikomizue sheathed on his staff, putting it on Rofta's shoulder.

Laffitte: I don't remember hearing the captain allow you to speak or if….

Rofta was feeling murderous pressure from Laffitte.

Katahara: From now on you will be under Shiryu's orders, you were defeated because you are weak…. There is no room for untalented people in my crew….

Laffitte: We were lucky to rescue you in time, Admiral Ryu was on his way to the G7 base to meet you, and get all the valuable information you had with you.

Katahara: 1 mistake is allowed, only 1 Rofta, now go to your commander, he will decide what to do with you….

Rofta: Yes captain.

Katahara: Everyone stays on the ship, this time only the commanders follow me...

All but the 10 commanders headed for the ship.

Laffitte: Which is our destination, Captain.

Katahara: There are many things to do Laffitte….Agrom.

Agrom: Captain...

Katahara: I hope you have been able to understand everything about the Kaiwan Style Manual…

Agrom put his hand simulating a spear, which caught everyone's attention when they felt how dangerous and strong Agrom became, with the manual provided by his captain.

Agrom: Everything is based on captain discipline, I was able to master 2 techniques, but there is still a lot of room for improvement for the Kaiwan Style in the hands of a Mink.

Proudly denoting his race, receiving in response a smile from his captain.

The whole group entered the island, while they were talking about different things.

At that precise moment, a Navy ship had arrived at Punk Hazard, that ship was Smoker's, the new Vice Admiral of the Navy.

Smoker led his men to the investigation door, where the poisonous gas mysteriously disappears.

The Vice Admiral knocks on the door and out comes one of the new Sea Warriors, the formerly Supernova, Trafalgar Law, the captain of the Heart Pirates, with a 440,000,000 Belly bounty before becoming a member of The Seven Sea Warriors. Mar. The marines are surprised by his presence and mention that he filled that vacancy by giving a hundred pirate hearts to the World Government.

Smoker: This island is off limits to the World Government.

Law: Coming here, I am too.

At that moment the whole group of people feel that the whole environment feels different as if something is about to happen.

At that exact second, 11 people will address them, all wearing a suit with black with red clouds, being led by a man wearing a hat that covered his face.

Laffitte: I told you right Laxus, this was the entrance.

Laxus: You seem to have a better sense of direction than I do.

All the marines froze when they saw them, the most worried were Law and Smoker, they both knew who these people were.

The group of Marines stepped aside, opening a path for the group of people, even Law and Smoker stepped aside.

Katahara: Law, I hope to meet you and talk some other time, so don't leave the island yet.

Law began to sweat cold, he knew that even with the abilities of his fruit he would not be able to face them, so he just kept silent.

Aslaug: What cowards, they don't even put up any resistance when they see us, hahahahahaha.

Dabi: If any of them try anything they will be killed on the spot, they value their lives Aslaug.

Everyone heard what Dabi said, and they started to tremble.

Except for Law and Smoker, who after the group disappeared into the facility, started fighting.

Smoker thought that Law was a subordinate of the Raven King, and started attacking him with everything he had.

Everything happened just like in the manga, Law defeated Tashigi and started a battle to the death between Smoker and Law.

Katahara's group divided into 3 groups, Katahara along with Robin and Aslaug headed to the garbage room, with observation Haki it took at least 1 hour to get there.

Laxus, Agrom, Ryuma and Drust went to find the room where the children were.

Dabi, Augur and Shiryu headed to the operating room where Caesar Clown was supposed to be.

Luffy his men arrive where Law is, and they thank him for saving him two years ago.

Law: There is no time for this…. He is here.

Luffy: Who do you mean TARAO.

Law: The Raven King, Uchiha D. Katahara.

Luffy got serious, he knew what Katahara had done to Marine Ford, and he knew what she had done to his brother Ace recently.

Luffy: I'll finish him off.

Franki: Luffy, he's not someone we can fight right now, let's just find the others and get out of here.

In another part of the Island, Smoker is together with Tashihi.

Smoker: Admiral will come personally….

Smoker was speaking for Den Den Mushi.

I'll be on maximum 1 day, I'm on my way with my best men.

Smoker: I didn't expect it to be anywhere near that island sir.

Carry on with your investigation, I'm sure the navy is not their target.

Smoker: As you order…

He hung up the Den den Mushi.

Tashigi: Then let's go in too, the admiral will be here soon.

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