1 Prologue

Eddard Stark ran up the steps of the Tower of Joy two at a time, in an attempt to reach the top faster.

His legs ached from the battle earlier and the chainmail that weighed him down.

A gasp left his lips as he slipped and just caught himself nigh breaking his teeth.

Scrambling upright he started removing his scabbard as to give himself more legroom.

He stumbled onto a landing and looking around spotted two doors.

Rushing towards the nearest one he flung it open.

A quick glance told him that it wasn't the right one.

Slamming the door shut he moved on to the next one but found this one empty as well.

He gasped for air and started climbing again.

Higher and higher he ran, it took him only a few minutes to reach the top but to the panic and worry stricken Eddard Stark, it felt like hours.

He had reached the top and luckily there was only one door, bounding forward he slammed it open.

His eyes widened as he laid his eyes upon the blood-drenched form of Lyanna Stark, his younger sister.

A sinking feeling formed in his chest and he stumbled forward, his legs barely holding his weight.

Reaching his sister's side Eddard collapsed onto his knees and leaned closer to the barely breathing Lyanna.

A small smile formed on her sweat-drenched face, "Ned?"

He reached out and grabbed onto her small hand, "Yes, I'm here."

She sighed, "So Rhaegar lost."

Eddard nodded, and smiled, "Yes, Robert defeated him at the Trident."

A single tear rolled down Lyanna's face and the drop was soon swallowed by the cushion under her.

"Ned," Lyanna said horsley, and Eddard moved closer, " my son you must protect him.

Robert will want to kill him if he finds out."

Eddard frowned, "Lyanna don't tell me, Rheagar-"

"No, he didn't, I wanted this."

She reached out and grabbed onto her brother's brown tunic, tightly, "Promise me, Ned, promise me that you'll protect my son."

Gazing into Lyanna's deep, heavy-lidded, grey eyes, Eddard sighed, "Of course, what is his name?"

Lyanna smiled weekly, "Daemon…"

Her last breath left her even before she could finish speaking and with a heavy heart Eddard Stark, the Lord of Winterfell closed his sister's eyes forever.

Staggering upright, Eddard walked over to the wetnurse who had been attending to Lyanna, "Show him to me!" he said, his voice raspy with grief.

Lowering her arms the woman presented the babe wrapped in white linen.

He recoiled slightly as he saw the pair of ice-blue eyes staring up at him.

What had made him react like that, it was only a child, but the boy's eyes were unmistakably the eyes of a Targaryen.

He gritted his teeth angry at himself for judging the child by its eyes.

Reaching out he took the boy from their wetnurse's grasp and ever so gently walked out of the room.


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