Asian American Love

Author: flara_vena
Contemporary Romance
Ongoing · 3.1K Views
  • 12 Chs
  • ratings
  • N/A

What is Asian American Love

Read Asian American Love novel written by the author flara_vena on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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DaoistqzvbWx · Games
Not enough ratings
1 Chs


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Alice_Christopher · Sci-fi
1 Chs

Great Fortune of Meeting You, Love.

In the year of 3055, finally 15th world war broke between the power nations . People suffering everywhere, dying due to bombing, starving, mecha power blasters destroying places as if the places were made of legos, among which Mo Chou Lian, the granddaughter of the Great General Mo Shang Ming of the Republic of China, was sent to the frontier once her grandfather fell down. With not much mecha power in hand, and martial arts not coming in hand, Mo Chou Lian was pushed down the cliff once the enemy soldiers brought down her 100000 soldiers with mecha-bots . As Mo Chou Lian took her last breath she felt as if this was the only moment she could catch her breath. As long as she can remember her life was spent in the drilling grounds of her grandfather, always being trained in her martial arts, sent off to small war zones to gain experience with her super mecha robot. She doesn't know what it feels like to just sit alone for an hour and enjoy her own company; and just like that at the age of 20 Mo Chou Lian died amidst her own soldiers in a battle ground. However, what she didn't expect was to open her eyes and find herself to transmigrate to a different world where technology advancement was not even a thing. In other words, it was like the Ancient China , but not the China itself. Now being reborn all Mo Chou Lian wants is to live her life peacefully in leisure. Thus, Mo Chou Lian's life of retirement starts and on the way somehow ends up getting a wife and child as well. Well, that's not something bad, now is that? Who cares cause Mo Chou Lian doesn't. "Wife, you do not have to mind me looking at you. It’s just I can’t get enough even by looking at you for so long so how about letting me look at you naked, how about just going to the bed?” Chou Lian: …… ----- Hey guys! It's my first time writing an original story , I mean one which is not a fanfic, so I hope you guys will like it^^ (This story plot and characters everything is my original creation. So please don’t steal my story and publish it elsewhere.) (the picture for cover does not belong to me and the credit goes to the original owner)

rinYang_ · LGBT+
Not enough ratings
18 Chs


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I loved it!! I hope you can keep updating :)


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