1 Treasure Prompter! Junk-collecting Treasure Hunter!

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In Long An village in Jiangnan, a Hummer rumbled slowly.

Luo Feng, whose hot pot restaurant had been doing well in the city, went bankrupt due to poor management. He owed more than a million yuan in debt and wanted to borrow some money from his friend to start again. However, the economy was deteriorating, and he was too poor to accept help from his friend.

Therefore, Luo Feng could only return to his hometown.

In order to maintain their livelihood and pay off their debts, his parents suggested that since Luo Feng could drive, he should buy a pickup truck to collect junk.

One should not assume that this line of work was embarrassing.

Furthermore, the daily profit could be as high as thousands of yuan.

How so?

Because you probably didn't realize that there are fewer and fewer garbage collection centers and recycling stations around your living area.

In a situation where there was more meat than wolves, this industry was definitely very profitable.

Well, I'm afraid you can't take the hardship.

However, he had only been collecting trash for a few days.

Luo Feng was bound to the Treasure Prompter System by chance.

Within a month, he had traveled around the country, collected junk, looked for treasures, and live-streamed. Not only had he paid off his debts, but he had also gained about 2 million yuan in assets and tens of thousands of fans in his live-stream room.

Now, the system had also been successfully upgraded to Level 4.

[Treasure Prompter LV4 (Upgrade progress bar: 0/10,000 shock value) Note: [make more people feel shocked, and you will get more shock points]

[Reputation points: 8,000 points (5,000 reputation points are required to scan the treasure at Level 4)]

[Scanning range: 1,000 meters]

[Highest value of discoverable treasure: 10 million]

[Host's assets: 1.88 million yuan]

Luo Feng looked at the system panel.

He was finally at level four.

"Can I get some valuable treasures now?"

When he was level three, the highest treasure that could be scanned was only a million.

In a month, he had found four items that cost hundreds of thousands of yuan just by relying on the system. His assets rose to 1.88 million yuan.

Now that he had leveled up, he could finally show off his skills.

"What the f*ck? I'm just curious who's still live-streaming collecting junk, so I clicked to enter to take a look..."

"What the f*ck? Are you fooling around?"

"Adidas? Nike shoes?

"You're driving a Hummer that costs 880,000 yuan?

"You're using a Huawei cell phone that costs 8,888 yuan?

"Are you sure you're collecting junk? And not just showing off your wealth?"

Suddenly, a newcomer entered Luo Feng's live broadcast room. He was completely dumbfounded.

"Hahaha, new guy, our streamer's trash collector is a little unusual!"

"That's right! He's disguised as a treasure hunter who collects junk."

"If you meet our host in the countryside and greet him, then congratulations, you must have some treasure on you!"

"But if you're not careful and the host takes your stuff away, then you're unlucky!"

"I can't say that I'm unlucky. It's common to have a horse that travels a thousand miles, but I can't say the same for the streamer. Treasure shouldn't be buried."

that's right. More people like the streamer can save more treasures from being wasted!

a few days ago, a square of 100-year-old red sandalwood would have been burned by the farmers if the streamer hadn't arrived in time.

Luo Feng was driving the Hummer.

He looked at the bullet comments in the live broadcast room.

He was quite gratified.

In this world, there was no such thing as moral coercion. Picking up scraps was a technical job. You could only pick up scraps if you had the ability. If you didn't, you could only watch helplessly.

Furthermore, any treasures, cultural relics, or wild mountain products would be yours if you collected them.

Whether it was in the mountains, underground, or in the water, if you found it and retrieved it, it was yours.

This made complete sense to Luo Feng.

The wilderness naturally belonged to everyone, and so did the historical legacy. There was no such thing as an official cultural relic.

"Old Luo, are you here to collect junk again today?"

"Did you get any good treasures?"

"It's been tens of thousands these days. It's been a long time since I've had a treasure worth hundreds of thousands! It's not interesting to watch!"

"Hurry up and collect it for me! Otherwise, I'll unfollow you!"

There was no big harvest for a few days.

The fans started to complain.

The speed of his fan base growth had slowed down these few days.

Of course, Luo Feng didn't plan to do a live broadcast at first, but he had no choice. Live broadcasting was the best way to gain shock points and reputation points.

"Wow, there's a golden sword by the road ahead!" Luo Feng suddenly shouted, his eyes bulging.




"Dumb host!"

"Are you lying again?"

"Why don't you say that there's a golden coffin in the way? Dumbass host."

"If you have that much free time, then go look for a huge treasure! How many days has it been since there was a big payload?"

"I don't want to look at things that cost tens of thousands of yuan! Boring host!"

"Even if it's a script, you should have spent more money on it!"

Luo Feng looked at his system panel. There were only a dozen more shock points. He was speechless by the shock points earned.

In the beginning, he did this to level up, but then Luo Feng always did this, so the fans grew immune. By the time they figured it out, they were barely shocked.

With only 15 shock points, he was probably as good as a new recruit.

"System, scan it!"

Luo Feng saw that these people were complaining.

"Today, I'll show you the power of the upgraded version. Do you still dare to say that there's nothing worth watching for something that's worth tens of thousands?"

Then, Luo Feng felt an invisible energy wave being projected out of his sea of soul.

This scan covered a range of a kilometer. Compared to the 100-meter scan at Level 3, it was much better. The difference was apparent as the range was huge.

[Ding! Scan complete!]

[Red Dot 1: worth more than a million]

[Blue Point 1: worth more than 100,000]

[Green Dot 1: value above 10,000]

[Green Dot 2: worth more than 10,000]

[Green Dot 3: value above 10,000]

[Green Dot 4: worth more than 10,000]

[Green Dot 5: value of more than 10,000]

As the system's voice faded...

Luo Feng could only see a big red dot within a radius of one kilometer.

What was the red dot?

It definitely pinpointed treasure.

And it was a treasure worth more than a million.

Luo Feng could completely ignore the blue and green dots. After all, how could something worth hundreds of thousands compare to the red dot?

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