Arrogant Billionaire's Innocent beauty Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Arrogant Billionaire's Innocent beauty


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Eva Marshall is a miserable girl. Her parents were murdered. After her parents' death, she had miserable life but when she joined Radio her life changed at once. John is a successful billionaire. His business spread all over the world. He is the owner of black and white. He converts dust into precious gold. His mother committed suicide due to a pang of guilt. Henry is Mafia's boss. He loves Eva but she rejected him. As a reaction he kidnapped Eva. But it is all in vain Eva still dismissed him because he is the Mafia's boss he plays with the life of innocent people. Roger is Henry's right hand and he can do everything for him. He is Loyal to his boss. Brown is a Gang owner, he is the right hand of the devil John. Once his gang jumped into John's house to escape from the police. But John saves them from the police. Merry is Ava's best friend. Ava has a good relationship with Merry's family. "John, What are you doing?" "Hush, Let me see where that bastard touched you," he pushed the messy hair behind her earlobe, "no one is allowed to touch my wife." "I... am not... your... wife..." "Dare Eva, I say it again, you'll soon find yourself in that bed under me and I promise, you won't have a moment's rest until morning."


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