59 Ethan's Rage

Sabrina was standing on the balcony as her husband fetch her a wine. She took it and gracefully sipped it. He kissed her naked shoulder and traces the see-through fire-like gown on her beautiful curve.

"You look so beautiful my wife. As always…" She hums and sipped on her wine. "How do you want me to please you tonight? I owe you something big." He murmur on her ear seductively. She gracefully turn to him and traces light kisses with breathing on his neck.

They end up peeling each other's clothes until they are making love on their King bed. But just when they were in the middle, they were interrupted from the multiple rings from her phone. She recognized the ringtone. It was from Ethan, Enzo and EPUA. They had to finish their love making before she answered it.


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