1 Man vs. Wild! An 8-year-old contestant!

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On the CV exploration channel, a female host was reporting excitedly.

Beside her was a huge pyramid-shaped thing covered by a red cloth.

"Dear viewers, welcome to the world's largest wilderness exploration program, Man vs. Wild."

"This is a survival reality show. Unlike what everyone has seen before, this time, we will gather the applicants from various parts of the world, who will then have to pass various selections to finally select the king of the pyramid of life."

"In addition, we have also prepared generous cash rewards for all warriors who dare to challenge the unknown."

The host said as the camera's point of view changed.

She grabbed a corner of the red cloth and pulled.

The thing that was covered by the red cloth was revealed before everyone.

The huge thing was actually a pile of cash.

The host smiled. "As you can see, this is the reward we prepared for the final victor. Whoever can become the ultimate king of the wilderness will get this."

The audience in front of the television was already in high spirits.

Looking at the mountain of cash, the audience guessed, "This! There are probably several billions."

"Several billions? It should be more than ten billion!"

The huge amount of cash instantly attracted the audience's attention.

The program's viewership ratings also soared by a large margin, instantly reaching first place.

Seeing that the effect had been achieved, the host continued. "Since this program is a global competition, to ensure that the audience everywhere can watch the show, we will broadcast everything on YouTube, TikTok, douyin1, and other platforms."

"Also, to ensure the fairness of the program, we have invited guests from other platforms and survival specialists to be the hosts of this program."

"Let's welcome the guest hosts, Bear Grylls and Ed Stafford!"

Two middle-aged men walked on stage.

Bear was wearing a hiking pant and a windbreaker, while Ed was more casual with his trouser, black tight vest, and a jacket

They were both dressed like they usually did in their survival programs.

Taking the microphone, Bear said, "I'm very happy to be the host of this global Man vs. Wild. I will analyze from a professional point of view whether the actions of the contestants are reasonable and what they should do."

Ed, "That's right. This competition is filled with dangers. At the same time, we are looking forward to witnessing the birth of the strongest survivalist with everyone."

As soon as the two of them appeared, a commotion broke out.

"Bear Grylls! Ed Stafford! They are true survival masters! They're actually going to be the ones to host the show!"

Not only the live audience, but everyone in front of the television knew about these two people.

They were definitely the king of wilderness survival and had almost all the knowledge about surviving in the wilderness.

Everyone who liked watching survival in wilderness programs knew their names.

Their appearance pushed the show to another high.

"I believe everyone is very excited to see Bear and Ed."

"But the surprise is not over yet."

"Please welcome our next guests!"

"YouTube influencer, handicraft artist, Li Ziqi."

"Horror novel author, Stephen King."

"The founders of the Lonely Planet, Tony Wheeler and Maureen Wheeler."

Names popped out of the beautiful host's mouth like beans.

Immediately after, the backstage curtain opened.

A slender woman in traditional Chinese clothes walked out with a sweet smile.

"Hello everyone, I'm Li Ziqi. I'm honored to be invited to this show."

When Li Ziqi appeared, the scene instantly exploded!

"Goddess! Goddess! Goddess!"

The crowd cheered.

Li Ziqi was very popular on Youtube. She had many fans both in China and overseas.

At the same time, her video style that showed a tranquil life also gave a different feeling to the audience who were used to watching survival programs.

Her diligent and peaceful image had long been engraved in everyone's hearts.

Behind Li Ziqi were the other special guests.

They were all heavyweights.

It could be said that the program had invited all the top figures who were involved in the various elements of wilderness survival

Whether it was at the scene or in front of the screen, everyone's emotions were pushed to the limits!

After introducing the guests, the female host continued.

"The Man vs. Wild preliminary round will begin soon. There are a total of 1,000 participants in this qualifier."

"The location of the preliminary round will be the forest in Shennongjia."

"This is a world heritage site and a nature reserve. There are many poisonous snakes and ferocious beasts that we rarely see. It's almost impossible for ordinary people to survive here."

"But today, a thousand warriors will challenge this primitive forest. We will place the participants in random areas in Shennongjia."

"Every participant will get a backpack, an empty water canteen, and a dagger as their initial resource."

"They need to rely on these tools to walk out of this primitive forest."

"The qualifying participants will advance to the next round."

"I would like to remind everyone that if you see a contestant you like, you can choose to give a gift to support this contestant. We will open a special gift channel for everyone."

"Next, let us take a look at the participants."

The screen in front of the host changed.

Among the thousand people, there were retired war veterans, wilderness survival streamers, and even some survival teachers.

However, there was a young face among them that attracted everyone's attention.

He was an Asian boy who looked to be no more than ten years old.

His immature face was quite eye-catching among the photos of the participants that looked like they were battle-hardened.

At this moment, the owner of this photo was already sitting on a plane.

The young man was called Bell. He was only eight years old.

However, his eyes did not have the ignorance of a young man. Instead, they were abnormally sharp.

In fact, he was a special forces soldier.

To be precise, he was a special forces soldier in his previous life. He had transmigrated to this world.

Because he had awakened the system, in order to obtain the system reward and to not forget the skills he had in his previous life, Bell participated in this show.

The system's name was Wilderness Survival System, and its abilities were very simple.

Bell only knew two abilities of the system.

First, signing in to get the reward.

Second, exchanging live broadcast popularity for rewards.

These were the system abilities that Bell knew for now.

But when the system awakened, it had told Bell that there was still a third ability.

However, he had to explore it himself.

Bell was still in a daze on the plane.

At that moment, a voice interrupted his thoughts.

"Attention everyone! We will distribute the resources now!"

"Prepare to parachute!"

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