25 The Battle (II)

(MC's sword)

Zorzal just stared at me practically foaming at the mouth.

"Who are you to dare stand in the way of my conquest." He asked.

"Somone who's gonna kick your ass." I answered him.

I then kicked him away. I didn't use too much strength still he fell on his ass.

"H-how dare you." He stuttered.

"What is the little prince going to cry?"

"You a mere peasant dare to touch me prince Zorzal" He almost growled there.

'Damn Vegeta much. Not sure if it is the normal or the abridged Vegeta I get them confused.'

"Alright enough talking. I swear the more you talk the more my head hurts" I told him.

He finally stood up, raised his sword, and rushed me.

I used my sword and parried him then I pushed him away from me and waited.

Just from that one attack. I could tell that he was used to overwhelming his opponents.

'Well, this ought to be fun.' I told myself.

"Come on what are you waiting for I ain't gonna be here all day" I taunted him.

He charged me once again this time I parried him and then slashed his arm.

He was starting to lose it.

Once again he charged me this time flailing his sword wildly.

I disarmed him this time then cut his leg then I got behind him and slashed his back too.

"Is this really all you are capable of Zorzal?" I questioned him.

He was so pissed that he wasn't even capable of answering me.

he stood up long forgetting his sword and tried to grab me.

Which so to say failed miserably.

I just caught him one hand by his head and then smashed him into the ground watching my strength so I wouldn't kill him.

Now with the prince out cold, I could focus on his army.

"Well, I am very disappointed by this fight so any of you punks feeling lucky enough to try and avenge your prince." I asked/taunted them.

At least twelve or fourteen of them charged at me.

This time I used my scythe and killed them all by simply spinning around.

"So anyone else feels like trying their luck." I asked them

All of them shook their heads in response.

Then their commander spoke

"What are you doing men?"

"How can the might of our forces fall short before one man?"

I just smiled because behind me on the hills my men appeared.

"Anything else you want to say?" I asked him.

He didn't answer.

"Then you can leave and take the bodies with you." I told them

"Also don't forget this disappointment." I said and pointed to Zorzal.


Few minutes after the battle ended the Rabbit warriors shook off the effects of the powder.

I stood face to face with Queen Tyuule.

She bowed slightly and then spoke

"Thank you for helping us and saving my tribe from being slaves."

"You don't have to bow before me." I told her simply.

"If I may ask why haven't you killed Zorzal when you had the chance." She asked me.

"You could say I didn't want to dirty my hands with him." I answered her.

"Then I will leave a small number of my men here If you don't mind Your highness." I said.

"That will be accptable, I will let you know my decision on the deal you proposed in few days. She told me.

"Thank you." I said.

"Also when we are alone you can call me simply Tyuule you did save me didn't you?" She said

"Then you can call me Salhen."


(after taking a 'gate' to Nazarick)

I was greeted by Demiurge.

"Welcome back my lord"

"Hello Demiurge I take it that you were watching the battle"

"Yes I was milord"

"You have any questions"

"I did have one why did you let the prince live?"

"Because of his father"

"Molt Sol Augustus"

"Yes him. You see he wants to expand the empire and since Zorzal arrogance won't let him say how the events of today really went he will most likely lie and say that we had just a slightly larger army and forced them to retreat. Because of that, the old fool will assume we are just some small kingdom that recently discovered the continent and assumed that the territory wasn't under anyone's control since his own forces were raiding the villages there. So he will underestimate us."

"How brilliant my lord."

'I always hated how in the show the emperor went unpunished for starting that war and for all the crimes the empire did'

"Now we just have to wait for them to make the first move."

"So did you discover anything new while I was gone." I asked him.


And that's end for today

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