2 Prologue

"Hi, my name is Ryuu Magata I am a self-defense instructor I am an average-looking guy."

"I am 23 years old".

"Today is 2126 AD XXM XXD. You want to know what's so important about today "

Alright, I will tell you today is the day that a new game called YGGDRASIL is finally released it is said that it will be a breakthrough in gaming.

And I am one of the very first players that will play this game. (A/N: excluding Beta-testers) I am so fucking hyped.

Sometime later:

I am finally creating my character it is some sort of hybrid between a Nephilim and a dark elf.

Its appearance is of a handsome black-haired man 25 years old. Long ears and entrancing red eyes greyish skin 8-pack Abs literally an adonis.

Its name was Arbiter. It has an affinity with shadows. It is paid additional content. It is a mage/assassin (A/N: Solo leveling. For those who know their powers will be similar control over shadows, resurrection(by erection powerwolf anyone) regeneration,

Eight years later.

I am now part of guild Ainz Oal Gown and one of its founding members. My friends are Peroroncino, Bukubukuchagama, Herohero, Ulbert Alain Odle, Punitto Moe, Tabula Smaragdina, Momonga, Touch Me, Nishikienrai, Wish III, Warrior Takemikazuchi, Ancient One, Flatfoot, Amanomahitotsu.

In terms of strength, I am as powerful as Touch me and Momonga(our selected leader cause none else wanted the job)

Back to my character in-game. Its weapon is a scythe made of many rare and legendary materials the same as its armor that looks very organic/inorganic

Just like others, I created my own NPC my very own general Igris(Solo leveling just look him up) he with Momongas pandoras actor guard the treasury.

Four years later

Over the course of years, many of our comrades have quitted the game and now it is the last day of the game now in the meeting room are me, herohero, and momonga-san.

After a while, herohero left the game, and now it was me and momonga. I told him he too should go as he was visibly tired and I was afraid of him collapsing.

I told him that it's the thought that counts and I will gladly stay till the shutdown as I had no work this week.

After a while he told me that I was right and left so I took the staff of Ainz Oal Gown as I too had access to it and went with Sebas and Pleiades to the throne room where albedo was waiting and as I sit upon the throne I look at albedo script which was fucking huuuge (Tabula you fucking maniac) and at the end I see the last row "is a slut" I facepalmed and then erased it and just for shit and giggles changed it to "She is in love with Arbiter" and then I closed my eyes and waited.

(I will try to always have at least 800 or more words it should be only this prologue that is so short I just wanted to get the MC to the start of the story)

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