Apocalypse : The tale of a hero Book

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Apocalypse : The tale of a hero


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The thundering skies, scorching earth, and the bestial skies that once were the reasons for human misery have calmed. Humanity had prevailed and survived the age of apocalypse. As their lands slowly sank, their skies poured misery and the oceans brought diseases and death. They withstood it all. At last, the age of Apocalypse has ended. The world order restored; Mankind peers at the new dawn full of unexplored mysteries of the new era. Yet, the struggle for survival continues, as the discovery of the mysterious hole called "Abyss" plunges the world into the age of competition and survival. Amidst that, a boy stands about not as the star but a black dot in this whiteness. As he gazes upon the world from his crimson eyes; mindlessly searching for something, yet unable to define.


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