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So I have been seeing a lot of things about the Mc powers and how he can't create things because he doesn't know about it. Mc can create anything he wants as long as he has the power and imagination to do so. Knowledge is a loophole, a substitute for power that can be replaced at any time. I hope this answered your questions.

Some people asking for uploading it repeatedly, and why I'm talking some days off. Well, that because I'm working and sometimes I'm not free.

Enjoy the chapter.


The sun was shining brightly with white clouds drifting in the blue sky. Birds were singing and with a light breeze moving the tree leaves slightly. All in all, this is a beautiful day that allows people can relax and relieve some stress. But it was completely the opposite for the Empire.

The Empire still wearing its mask with people smiling and ignoring this corruption saving their lives, but today the atmosphere of terror and fear is a little dull.

The civilians did their usual routine of working or shopping while being wary of getting caught by a noble having a bad day. But today they seemed more worried.

The guards that usually threaten civilians and take protections fees are now focusing on their works as they were a little worried. Today their bosses are serious because of what happened last night.

The night sky brightened suddenly which shocked many people around the Empire and the giant explosion cloud with the light earthquakes brought even more fear to the people, especially the nobles and the ones that rule the Empire.

The Empire launched a researcher squad which composed of assassins at the fastest speed to check the situation. After waiting impatiently for the result. The Empire saw the report of the giant hole and the rocky mountains which was erased from the map. This made the Empire more worried because something like this never happen before in history.

The sky changing and the catastrophic effect show there was a weapon used here which surpass the Teigu that granted the Empire its advantage all those years, so how could they not be worried. This is an absolute threat to the Empire survival.

The Empire minds like prime minister Honest doesn't think this is just a passing event because he knows that the Empire isn't that welcomed by others, which makes him think this will come here, eventually.

This event made Honest call his son and all other Teigu user scattered around the Empire and still loyal to it. This will increase their powers and help investigates this event.

Honest, even called for Esdeath that was clearing the Northern tribes to finish and come back faster. He doesn't dare to tell her to leave the battle without a victory and come back, but with Esdeath personality, Honest think she'll finish the mission quickly. She at least promised to send the three beasts.

General Budo didn't show much concern, but this man is the most serious about this event as he'll guard the palace even more carefully.

Everyone in the Empire was having his own reaction about that scene, especially a certain noble with a connection to the emperor and some fame in the Empire. He wasn't able to sleep that night after he saw what he called a nuke and kept talking about this isn't supposed to be here before looking at the air like there was something in front of him and sweating slightly.

So when everyone in the empire had their share of anxiety and stress. The culprit was at least 50 kilometers away from the Empire without knowing how much he did and probably doesn't care.

In Leo's mansion backyard, there was a table and three people sitting there. The first one was a girl with chestnut hair looking at another guy sitting on the table.

On the left, there was a giant old man sitting on a giant chair while drinking wine and looking at the sky as there was a bald man walking on air.

On the right, there was a teenager wearing sunglasses as he was leaning on the chair and relaxing. But the weird thing is, the boy was holding a marshmallow in his hand and blowing fire from his mouth to roast it.

Misaka was looking at Leo casually, breathing fire from his mouth and roasting marshmallow as her expression was rivaling Saitama's deadpan face.

"So let me get this straight..." Misaka massaged her forehead before she said " You went on a walk in the woods"

"Yes" Leo ate the marshmallow before he took another one and roasted it by his fire breaths.

"Then you met a dragon which you call the cooler version of the grandpa in wuxia, so you called him partner " Misaka increased her massage force before Leo said " Yeah"

"Then that dragon told you some things about yourself you didn't know?" Misaka raised her head before Leo said " Yup"

"Which you're... A chair with Satan powers?" Misaka massaged her temples now as Leo nodded before he said " Basically that it"

(A/n: Joker in Persona 5 called Chair-Kun, and he summons Satan soooo)

"Okay, then you met with Whitebeard grandpa there" Misaka looked at Leo and Whitebeard before she said " And fought because of the last agreement"

"Yes" Leo nodded before Misaka said " Then in the fight, a lot of destruction was caused"

"Obviously" Leo replied to Misaka before eating the marshmallow.

"A huge fire with flames that caused the earth to melt into magma" Misaka was having a doubting tone in her words but Leo said " Yup"

"Several earthquakes and mountains collapsing" Misaka felt Kuriboh on her head before Leo said " Actually, the old man caused them"

" So, when you finally understood that your style will not work. You choose to balance the odds and transform your heart and lungs into dragons organs?" Misaka felt she's hearing a plot from a novel before Leo said " Yeah, goodbye a part of my humanity... I'll not miss you"

Misaka took a deep breath before she said the most important thing " And by doing that you made a cannon that launches Nukes"

"Yup, that exactly what happened" Leo nodded at Misaka like he's praising a child for doing his homework as she got angry and said " Why a nuke?! Don't you know how much damage it can cause?!"

"Don't worry my nukes are pollution clear, as in fact they are actually helping nature. Just wait three months and you'll see that place become a green field" Leo ate another marshmallow before Misaka said " That's not what I'm talking about!!"

"Why did you make a nuke?!" Misaka lost her calm while Leo calmly looked at her eyes before he said with a serious face " I AM NUCLEAR!"

"What does that even mean *Sigh* Are you even listening to me?" Misaka felt helpless before Leo looked at her and said " Don't worry, Mikoto. I was listening carefully. Or how will I answer you?"

This guy is lying. The whole time he thought that his dragon eyes are cool and he should use them in fights.

Leo's face was normal as he was looking at the front where there was an unlucky guy.

Mikoto looked at the front as she saw the unlucky guy of today.

Kazuma was under the siege of baseball balls thrown at him, as he was doing all he could to dodge them, but he still got hurt as he glared at the culprit.

The wind cat was holding the cannon and it wearing the same sunglasses as Leo while shooting Kazuma with balls.

"What he's doing again?" Misaka asked before Leo said " He wanted to train and get stronger, so as his friend I'm helping"

"Helping with what?" Misaka looked at the relaxing Leo doubtfully before he said " I saw he had a huge luck, so he needs to learn how to use it in dodging before he learns to hit others"

Misaka felt there was some truth in that but an angry shout came from behind removing her doubts " DON'T LISTEN TO HIM!! HE'S JUST A GANGSTAR THAT TURNED INTO A KING ARTHUR WANNA BE!!"

(A/n: Saber from fate has a dragon magic core)

But before Kazuma said anything else, a baseball ball hit him to the face again.

"I'm a caster, not a saber" Leo calmly took another marshmallow before he roasted it.

(Flashback before this started)

Leo that finally recovered his power walked back to the mansion and reached it after he gave up and teleported at some point.

Kazuma saw Leo appeared from nowhere as it was very early in the morning before he asked him about what happened there.

Leo explained briefly before Kazuma nodded and said he wants to start that training.

"You want to start now?" Leo looked at the sky that was still dark before he said " Why?"

"I'm almost reaching 1000 points and I'll have that upgrade, so I choose to train now" Kazuma nodded confidently, but Leo frowned before he said " 1000 Points? Kazuma... How much did you get in those check-ins?"

"98 and 92 points, why?" Kazuma said in confusion before he saw Leo activating his Chat Room screen and did a check-in before he only received 12 points.

"Pffff" Kazuma held his laughter, but that vanished at the moment he looked at Leo's dragon eyes that weren't friendly.

"How lucky... How about we put that to practice?" Leo smiled at the shaking Kazuma before he grabbed him and rushed to the backyard.

(Flashback ends)

"How can a sword holding guy be caster!?" Kazuma stood up as he dodged the balls.

"It's called melee mage, and It's next to the melee archer with great casters in it" Leo looked at Kazuma before he said " like Uruk ax Gilgamesh and Avalon juggernaut Merlin"

"Don't bring FGO here!!" Kazuma didn't have time to talk now because the wind cat was focusing on him.

"Don't worry about him" Leo looked at Misaka before he said " He also wanted to see if this will work like that guy"

Leo pointed at Saitama that was walking normally in the air with ripples under his feet. Saitama now is using moonwalk from One piece which is just a physical technique that allows people to stay longer in the air but he's using it to walk casually.

Leo doesn't know if this is just because navy six styles are just a physical technique or because he's Saitama. But he doesn't mind trying, and Kazuma wants to learn them.

Leo made him learn paper art after some explanation from Whitebeard that was the major cause of telling Saitama he can fly.

"*Sigh* He learned it in less than an instant" Whitebeard drank his wine while looking at Saitama taking moonwalk to the next level.

"Hey, Saitama!" Leo shouted at Saitama before he said " Walk backward, it's the best way to perform moonwalk"

Saitama was wary from Leo, but it didn't seem to be bad, so he tried it as Leo gave him a thumb up.

"Did you see Kaguya?" Leo suddenly remembered the old hag that didn't show up until now.

"No..." Misaka shuddered before she said " I walked past her room as I heard creepy laughters"

"....." Leo frowned because he still can't understand what this old hag is planning.

"Well, I guess this is enough for now" Leo stood before his chair while his glasses changed back to normal and the wind cat rushed back to him.

Kazuma landed directly on the ground while screaming " FREEDOM!!" But Leo broke his hopes mercilessly.

"We'll continue this later" Leo didn't look at the gray Kazuma before he walked towards the entrance.

"Where are you going?" Misaka noticed Leo leaving as she felt this is bad.

"Going on a walk... an enthusiastic walk through the woods" Leo walked slowly as he replied without looking back.

"The last time you went on a walk you caused a nuke" Misaka had a deadpan expression while looking at Leo.

" 'Very' enthusiastic walk" Leo didn't care about Misaka as he walked slowly towards the exit. He has a lot of things to do.

From the fight with Whitebeard, Leo learned a very important lesson. { Next time, I'm ending the fight in a maximum three moves}

Yes, Leo could win Whitebeard in less than three moves, but he didn't as he wanted to see how far he can go without creating a beast that is basically Anti-Whitebeard and win. And he'll never admit that he wanted to have an exciting fight like all those characters.

{I need to see that Empire again. I didn't get clear information because something was killing my beasts} Leo frowned as he felt all his beasts are dead now. So he'll go get information and he'll go to an excellent source.

After that, he'll take a break and check his progress at this moment, especially after he got the dragon organs which are made from nasuverse.

The heart is a magic core which is a huge factory that produces vitality in huge quantities for Leo with every heartbeat while the lungs are a spiritual world that generates vitality just by breathing, but because they're still young, they can't show their true powers.

Ddraig is still sleeping because of the energy Leo took to make these organs.

Leo is planning to take his time now, maybe ask Whitebeard to fight without powers to increase his combat experience. Although he believes as a caster, he doesn't need to techniques as long as the damage is enough but some close combat is good.

Leo is also planning to create some beasts and check his Longinus more, as he didn't go that deep into it because things kept happening.

{After this, I'll fix that old man weapon and ask him in fights before creating some things I pushed over because of time} Leo nodded at his plan { This will give those two some time}

{And the Empire Teigu users that I need should be gathered now because of the show I made... Now everything is in place} Leo smiled as he calculated this Empire movement easily. Now the pieces he need are on the board. He only need to go and collect them.

"This guy... Does he care about anything?" Misaka felt helpless again before she heard Kazuma say " He cares that's why he does this"

"What?" Misaka was confused before Kazuma stood up and said " He already has a nuke so he can nuke that Empire at any time, but he didn't choose to do so because of us"

Kazuma scratched his head before he said " He gave us some time to learn and this very important to me without powers, but you thunder girl need to stop running and fight"

Misaka blushed as he wasn't even good with blood after she was the giant octopus from yesterday before she said " I know that..."

"So he thought of this... Leo" Misaka looked at Leo walking away before Kazuma said" Yeah... And he did it this way because he's tsundere"

Leo stopped in his place before Misaka nodded and said " Yeah, that what a tsundere will do"

Leo turned back to look at the two idiots, nodding at the fact he's a tsundere before he raised his hand.


Kazuma looked at Leo as he saw his hand became a giant dragon head and it was gathering a red color energy.

"NO!! LEO PUT DOWN THE NUKE!!" Kazuma rushed towards Leo, trying to stop him from bombing the place while Misaka sighed again at this group of guys.




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