264 Light The Dark

Lila and Lali weren't twins, yet they were very similar in many regards.

Other than their confusingly identical names, they had the same height and weight. Their appearances differed due to the respective colors of their hair and eyes, but they had similar sets of abilities.

When it came to tracking, spying, long-range observation, sensory awareness, etc. they were both highly qualified and also evenly matched.

In essence… they had the Ranger Class.

For Young Elves, they were pretty much geniuses among their peers, which was why Aurora relied on them a lot more than the other Elves.

However, unlike with humans, that didn't make them feel conceited in any sense.

Their power was for the sake of the community.

They simply had to carry on more responsibility for their brothers and sisters.

As for the less talented Elves, there was no need to feel envious of their sisters.


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