75 Business As Usual

[6 Days Later]

"So, how did today's transaction go?"

As Rey sat on his bed, he gazed at Noah—his trusty agent—and the Spatial Ring that sat on his outstretched hand.

They were currently in Rey's room, and business was the topic of discourse.

"It went the same as usual. They sold at the usual rate. It doesn't seem like the value has gone down at all…"

As Noah elaborated on the details of the day's trade, Rey took the Spatial Ring and poured out its content.

'Looks like all the cash is here…' His thoughts trailed as he opened the sack of coins and counted the platinum pieces.

Every day, for the past six days, Noah had been selling Monster Cores to the Black Market and bringing Rey the revenue.

He didn't take anything out of the pieces and waited tor Rey to give him his share per the agreement.

'350 Monster Cores equal 2,450 Gold Coins, which is 24.5 Platinum Coins. It's all here…'


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