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Amidst the sand


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What is Amidst the sand

Amidst the sand is a popular web novel written by the author Sigheti, covering HISTORICAL-FANTASY, CONTEMPLATIVE, UNISEX LEAD, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 91.3K readers with an average rating of 4.64/5 and 50 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 6 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


‘I’m but a tree, hence I cannot help you. My own roots are stuck in the belly of Mother Earth, hence I cannot reach you. No eyes adorn my bark, hence I cannot cry for you.’ In the year 1500, a tree tormented by his own memory and prejudices, encounters various figures. Writing contest #62: reincarnated as a tree.


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First person perspective of a tree is interesting and thought-provoking. While the ideas are somewhat profound, the sentences are all mostly short, so it lacked the trailing lengthiness that thoughts often are. However, the wisdom of the old tree comes across. Although I wonder whether the tree would be so questioning of the human race after 400 years. Also, why this particular girl and son after 400 years? Why focus on them? Is this the first time the tree has seen sexual assault? I’m going so, but it would be nice if these gaps could be filled in/answered. Also, at one point it said that the girl was old at twenty an then later says she was only fourteen. I was confused at that part. It said her inside was old, so I guessed it either meant that she matured quickly due to the horrors she experienced, or that she was an old soul? Lastly, it makes me wonder how realistic is it for a girl to return to the site on which she was assaulted without any fear or pain upon environmental remembrance. Where’re all the other trees? Why not rest upon one that isn’t tied to such memories? Or is there something special about this tree’s location or makeup that makes it more appealing? Overall, I think you did a great job making a thoughtful and deep piece. There are some believability questions that arise, but they can be fixed. Since the tree is merely a watcher, confider, and guider, the humans met will have a large role; their characters and stories will essentially be the ones moving the story development.


I love the way this is written. The tree seems to have an air of wisdom which I believe truly emulates how trees age and how they see all that is around them with a clear vision but you've also given it some bias so that it can have an opinion. the character development for not only the tree but for Mia especially in the beginning chapters shines through as you learn more about them. Overall I have really enjoyed reading this and recommend it to others. Good job. keep working hard!


I have to say I have found another gem among the midst of webnovel authors. This here author has a gift, and if I could I would give you an award because you deserve one. This story is like a poem and only those who are literally inclined would fully comprehend it properly. This a piece of art.


Very well written story! Beautiful and lively description,the details of history are respected! We learn new thing each chapter. The story is quite deep and pass on two timeline. The character are lovable and relatable in their fault. Really a lovely story. With a great concept. Loved it. The balance between direct dialogue and indirect is well written . Quite sad and Melancholic thought.


First of all (☆_☆) I remained like this while reading upto a few chapters. As for everyone who passed by and praised, the ones who will come across in future this is the blend of all elements! It's wisdom hidden within words and the theories of life closely and simply written. The blending of every possible philosophy and tyranny of humans is narrated with expertise. Author sure has a keen observance and great words to put the profound things with such perfection. And personally this is the first time I've read something like this here ❤


What else can I say? This story is really good! Being in the perspective of a tree is really intriguing. I can't point out any glaring mistakes, so I'll just continue singing praises for this book~ Btw, i never gave a review this close to five star, although my works is not a high caliber one, but when it comes from the books I'm reading, i'm really choosy and not easily satisfied. Pieces of arts like this, appeases my book appetite.


I'm really speechless after reading so far. The writing quality is so good that it makes other authors seem like play. The description of things is so well done, to me its like watching a 3d movie, really love the story. Good job author.


I just read the first two chapters. Will read the rest later. The novel shows potential and I would like to read it further. When you are a tree, you can't do much. Everything is in your thoughts. The starting is not to my liking as it portrays gang rape. The girl survived but what about the mental trauma? In the first chapter, it is not hairs but hair. 2nd chapter, the years pass they don't climb. I am not the one to point out mistakes, but these you can edit, by going to the chapters page. Like I will do for the issues you highlighted. Mia can speak to the trees. This is a very good thing, not all can do so. The communicate with plants and trees is through feelings and telepathy. This fact had not been indicated and how she has this ability has not been shared.


It's well-written. Beautifull and very detailed. I know I'm just praising you, but I still encourage you to grow, too. 😊Thank you for review swapping with me.


This was a interesting way to pose some very real and deep questions. Making the tree the one not only telling the story but also showing it’s wisdom and compassion for Mia .


To be honest I had to re-read the novel not because they had mistakes but because I did not want to lose details of the novel. It is a fantastic story which I recommend


I have to say for a first-person perspective story from the start; it would instantly capture your attention and leave you wanting to read more. The premise of the MC being a tree is innately exciting, and the ideas and symbolism you have are all thought-provoking. Your characters, actions, thoughts, and feelings are really well crafted and distinctive. Your story also has historical marks similar makes for exciting locations and creative events. Honestly, it's not my usual style of a genre I like to read, but I have nothing but praise so far for this story.


All I can say is that this book is well written. It is spotless, imaginative and captivating. You can really tell and understand what really happened in the story. Despite of the character in the form of a tree which is stationary. The author was able to use the best of imagination to give life to the character. The skill, talent and the way the author write is truly unparalleled. I give you a perfect 5 for your work. Well done, good luck and hope you'll make more quality books in the future.


This is unique writing as an observer of the world through the lenses of an inanimate object. It is interesting to read, describing action through metaphor. There are some confusion about where a thought starts or ends but I think it is not necessary because the book is through narration and thought of the tree. Keep up the good work as this is difficult to write.


Firstly, I'd like to say that I couldn't find any glaring grammatical or punctuation errors. I've noticed that sometimes too is written as 'to.' Other than that, I couldn't find anything. Now, as for the novel itself, the way the MC has only the ability to observe and reflect on the fickle, abhorrent, and other attributes of humanity, which people usually set aside as predestination, is put into perspective of a tree, is both new and intriguing. I wish I could say something more valuable and less quoted about this novel, but the author left no room for that.


My thought after i read the first chapter: What the hell is this? This novel is too good! And after i read several chapters, i realized that this book is a rare one. Not many people write novel with this theme. Mostly, they'll write about adventure and so on. I've added this in my library. Keep your good work writer!


Very well written, I've never thought about a story like this but I quite enjoyed reading it. I can't really find any mistakes to point out so you've done an amazing job! I plan to keep reading so be sure to keep putting out chapters! 5/5


Having read through this novel, I have to say that the author really has a way with words. It's not everyday that you find a work like this, one that's focused on reflection rather than speculation. A man passing through samsara, to live again, yet have very a different life ahead of him. It makes you wonder, what is it all for? What drives a person? I digress, this novel is a good read when you want something thought provoking. It's not a feel good story, or even a classic tale of heroes. Though he was a ruler, there was no glory. Just regrets. Keep it up author, show us how far you can take this story. Thank you.


Well, I must say that this is new. I have never read something like this. The author definitely has a great mind and imagination. I would have never came up with something like that. It is definitely interesting. There are no grammatical errors or so. Good job♥️


This is a kind of novel that I like to read every morning while drinking coffee. The protagonist (tree) reminds me of a grandfather who lived longer than I; thus, all his experience in life contributed to the kind of wisdom he shares to the young generation. The author narrates the story in a melancholic way. Sometimes, your belief would contradict not in a wrong idea, but for me its more of sharing a different perspective. Every after chapter, you would reflect some things as the tree left you something to think about. Writing and grammar are excellent, and the construction of the sentence is easy to understand. I’ll keep this in my library and read a chapter or two each morning to start my day. More power author! I like it :) it’s quite surprising to find a novel like this in this platform.


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