I was in my 4th year being a highschool student and don't tell this to others! It's so freaking boring.

"Mister Moriuchi!" A loud scream from my math teacher Mrs. Laxamana.

I woke up of my nap when my friend Lao Noriam poke me. "Hey men! Mrs. Laxamana call you!"

"Huh.... Y-yes Ma'am?" I respond quickly.

Her face was mad and she is about to explode. "WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING IN MY CLASS?" angry voice from her.

I didn't felt any nervous, my mind was adopt to this kind of setup. "Sorry Ma'am!" I replied with a low tone.

"Kneel down at the back!" Her raging said. "Take this and squat."

She gave me her book, a 5 pieces of book and she placed it in my arms.

"When you ever learn? Huh?"

After her rage and get back to his lesson, all of a sudden the door just open and a boy enters the room.

"G-good morning Mrs. Laxamana!" Stuttuering greet by him.

I laugh on my mind when I see Maki, my friend since 8th grade.

Mrs. Laxamana raised her eyebrow and she also give Maki a punishment, same as mine.

I was laughing all the time in my mind when Maki kneel down next to me "H-hey hahahaha why are late?"

"Men! My alarm didn't rang." His whispering reply.

After the subject of Mrs. Laxamana, we sit back to our desk.

"Men! That was awful!" Maki said while holding his arm because pain.

"I didn't even know the word PAIN." I sarcastically reply.

[The next day]

"I miss Maki! I think he's absent today."

"Good morning class!" Greet by our homeroom adviser Mr. Kjellberg. "I want to introduce to you the new transferee student."

The room was filled with murmurs.

"SILENCE!" Shout by Mr. Kjellberg. "Come on! Introduce yourself."

A light-skinned and beautiful lady was standing infront with Mr. Kjellberg. "G-good morning! Its nice to meet you all!"

The whole room was amazed by how pretty she is.

"Ahmmm you didn't tell your name." said by Mr. Kjellberg.

She was embarass and her face turns red, it was obvious because of her pale skin. "Ohhh.. Im Yeji. Park Yeji."

She caught all of the boys attention especially me. But, I didn't dream to date her.

"I don't think we have any available sit." Said by Mr. Kjellberg. "Ohhh... Over there! Ms. Park you may sit next to Mr. Moriuchi."

All of the boys looked at me with their eye of the tiger. They seem jealous but there's nothing to be jealous. "S-sir! This sit is for Mr. Hanashi."

"Ahmm where's Mr. Hanashi? I didn't see him here. Is he invisible?" Sarcastically replied by Mr. Kjellberg. "Don't worry this is for today, I will find Ms. Park a sit and desk tomorrow."

I was nervous and the same time embarass. I don't want to sit next to her, I mean look at me Im not so good looking guy and Im kind a boring seatmate.

"H-he'll be here any moment sir!" My stuttering reply.

After all I've said, Mr. Kjellberg win it. Yeji sit next to me and I'm telling you guys, she is so freaking beautiful.

"Hi Jeno! I think I like you too!"

"AHHHH WHAT AM I THINKING" I said to myself. "Erase erase!"

When I look at her she seems friendly, she even caught me staring at her.

"Ahmmm excuse me?"