32 A/N

Hello! If you've read my other books you know what this is and can skip it!

My stories overlap so here is the planned layout of books and side stories.

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Thus far the plan for main books is:

Alpha Lilly a young woman trying to prove herself an Alpha, finding love along the way. (Complete)

Orphan Wolf  a young werewolf raised by humans. What happens when he shifts? (Complete)

Raised By Wolves a werewolf raised by common wolves? How does that work? (Ongoing)

Titan & The First Princess (2 POV same story.) A brainwashed werewolf kidnapped by hunters and used against his own kind. (In Development)

Secondary stories in development:

Mini (takes place between chapters 12&27 of Alpha Lilly.) A girl without a wolf. Marked without a choice. (Complete)

Not the Alpha (takes place before Alpha Lilly) The story of how Carson became Beta of Red Rivers. (Complete)

Brayden (takes place before Alpha Lilly through the beginning of Orphan wolf.) Backstory for our favorite little player. 😁 (Complete)

Markie (mostly takes place between chapters 17&18 of Orphan  wolf the beginning overlaps the first part of that story) a girl in love. One problem... he's not her mate. What happens when her mate shows up? (Complete)

Ryan (takes place during Orphan wolf before Markie but I'd read Markie first so your opinion of him isn't tainted.) A soon to be Alpha makes some bad decisions. A tale of redemption. (Complete)

Reader requested:

Why Me? (Takes place before Not The Alpha overlapping the first few chapters.) The story of Alpha Aaron's parents, Alpha Carson and Katie. (Complete)

Not all of these are published yet but this is the plan. I may add more stories if you guys want them... I'm a sucker for backstories! I have ideas for many B- Characters so if you like a characterand want to hear their story comment and I just may write it😁.... I'll put this at the end of each book and story for reference. I hope this helps!