59 Unintended Acquaintance-ship

Music Recommendation: Jane Fairfax Plays Mozart Sonata- Amber Anderson

Eve and Miss Rosetta now stood in the hallways of Lady Camille's mansion and the young lady ordered the butler, "Winston, go tell the coachman to pull the carriage to the front. Also take her things and put them in the carriage."

The butler didn't question the young lady's words. He walked to where Eve stood, and stretched his hands forward. "Milady," said the butler to Eve.

With an apprehensive look, Eve handed her things while keeping her umbrella with her. 

"I can carry this myself. Thank you," Eve offered a slight bow, and the butler didn't force her. He left the two young women's side to inform the coachman to bring the carriage in front of the mansion. 


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