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Allen Walker in DxD [Highschool dxd Fan-fiction]


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A young otaku who did not die naturally, was teleported to many worlds that laughed, cried, found love and hate. Along with his curse that he can not die, he looks for a place where he can call home and form what he has sought in many worlds, a homely place. [This fan-fiction will contain an MC OP, along with different powers of its multidimensional journey. like One piece, Seirei tsukai no blade dance, among others.] [This is my first novel, my English is not my main language, which is Spanish, but you have to try it, right?] [This novel is made with the sole purpose of having fun, reading and resting from what surrounds us.] [I do not own any novel like: One Piece-seirei tsukai no blade dance, Highschool Dxd among others.]


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