All A Sniper Wants is Peace Book

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All A Sniper Wants is Peace


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2215 5 Years has passed since the Honzodie Empire fell to the might of The People’s Communist Republic. Now the P.C.R. stands as one of only three world powers alongside the United North America and the European Federation. As the P.C.R. continues it’s expansion the Federation and U.N.A. search for way to reestablish a power balance in the world. Ichigo Iwatani is a 25 year old Salaryman living in the Tokyo the former capital of the Empire. His coworkers find him odd from the fact that he wares an eye patch to the fact he never takes his gloves figuring he was probably a veteran of the Millennium War and as result usual brush it off. In truth he’s a deserter tired of the army and its way of things wanting a quiet life to himself, but that all changes when he meets the Daughter of his former Commanding Officer while she’s being chased by Military Police. Feeling an obligation to repay a debt to his old C.O. he helps her out how ever he ends up doing the one thing he swore he’d never do again, and thats kill!


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