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Evelyn Jada Wright was a naive innocent twenty two year aspiring journalist who had been excited at landing an internship in one of the prestigious publishing company who thought she has found the perfect man of her dreams but had her dreams turned to nightmares when the man sexually assaulted her, and when the court ruled him innocent with the help of his incredible good lawyer her world was further plunged into darkness and pain that only the child growing inside of her could offer her a redeeming light, but before that light could bloom it was forcefully snuffed off by the same evil man causing Evenly heart to grow dark with revenge, and ten years later she came back as an evil heartless drug lord to visit revenge on those that hurt her. Her quest of revenge lead her to meeting a young innocent beautiful woman who turns out to be the daughter of her nemesis. Avery a young innocent lesbian who had the misfortune to be born into the family she found herself in was disowned at the age of eighteen by her father when he caught her in bed with another woman. Living her life independent from her family, Avery met a stunning older woman who she fell for hard and quick, but the woman had a thick exterior that was hard to penetrate leading Avery to believe that her love was not reciprocated, but when it seemed that things will be better for them and incident occurred that showed Avery that there was more to her relationship with the woman, that it might not be by chance that they met. Watching the woman she loves murder her family right before her eyes was more than Avery could take, and this sent her running from the city for her own life. Few years later she came as cop ready to take down the woman who took her family away from her. A STORY OF LOVE AND REVENGE WHICH WILL WIN OUT AT THE END, FIND OUT IN HER VENDETTA


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